The Short list of things

May 29, 2008 at 6:21 pm Leave a comment

Because my brain is filled with…well, you’ll see when you read the list…I’m doing a bullet post.


and I’ve got so much more in the Saga of Laura vs. Old Navy. I’ll tell it when I can calmly discuss how stupid they are.


so, here goes the short list:

  • Working at the Big Green allows me freebie coffee. Lesson #1 of that…do NOT drink 5 caffinated beverages in one day while training, no matter HOW boring the “sit and read this manual” is.
  • Drinking 5 caffinated beverages of teh VENTI size causes insomnia.
  • Pepsi Co. is stupid for discontinuing Undercover Orange Sierra Mist.
  • If you want to know the difference between a wet and dry cappucino, I can tell you..and I can make you one too!
  • My “learning coach” at the Big Green is awesome. We (the two of us who are training at this store-there was a 3rd, but she no showed yesterday)think the world of Alyssa. I think so much of her, I’m making her a pair of socks
  • on that tip-does anyone know where I can find some really cool “Barista Green” sock yarn?
  • Yet another piss note was sent to Isaac’s school.
  • Why would you put spare clothes on a child from the “spare” cabinet when they have their own? Yeah. I don’t know either. Hence the previous bullet.
  • My mom rocks. For lots of reasons. Just know she does. And if you meet her, tell her so.
  • The “green room” is ALMOST put together. I’ll put together a slide show when I can, showing the transformation from spilled Latte brown to Desert Cactus Green!
  • I came home smelling like espresso last night.
  • Yes, that’s an occupational hazard.

Ok. that’s it for now…and I”m off to knit socks. I need mindless!


Entry filed under: insanity.

Can I please bitch slap Old Navy? Friday Fill ins, 5/29/08

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