Buttinskis-they’re not just random people in public anymore!

May 31, 2008 at 2:52 pm 1 comment

So, today at work, I was telling my wonderful Learning Coach that I would MAYBE bring Isaac in for a drink later. It just depended on how well behaved he was while I was gone and me having 5 seconds to sit down and talk to Doug so that I could see if his behavior warranted a “coffee trip.” (We’ve been having issues at school. He’s been in “turd” mode for the teachers. I’ve got my theories on why, but I’m not rewarding poor behavior at any turn. Not a chance.)

So, let me put this in perspective. I was LEAVING work. I was on the other side of the bar and getting a drink to go home with (Oh, and btw-you all MUST try the blended strawberry lemonade. YUMMMY. Just have them go easy on the strawberry, or it will taste all wicked sweet and tooth shattering.), and another barista overhears my conversation, and has no idea that Isaac calls Starbucks “Coffee” because of his language delay (and that’s even going away-but I digress), and went off on this tangent about how no child should EVER have caffine, and how I was this horrid parent for giving my child caffine and how although it MAY do what I claim it does (calm him down…which it does. trust me-this kid drinks my drinks-because he’s stolen them- and then sleeps a full 9-10 hours! Caffine truly has no serious effect on him!!), I’m just so wrong to do this.

She even had the nerve to say “Far be it from me to tell you how to parent…”


Yeah, then shut up. Like I told her. This is my parenting choice, and I’ll do what I think is right for my child.

This conversation was NOT with her…and she was only making my drink. She needs a grip.

Now, I”m still taking the boy out for drinks. He was a gem for Doug and was really good yesterday. Who knows what he’ll ask for, but I intend to get whatever he wants for him. Reason? I promised if he was good, Mommy would take him for coffee-which means-we’ll take a ride to Starbucks so he can get a drink.

Basically what all of this boils down to is this:

You parent your child the way you want, I’ll parent mine the way I want. Don’t offer unsolicited advice, because I sure know I don’t.

Maybe I’m a bit indulgent in some ways, maybe I’m a bit too strict in others…but it works for me, and us as a family.


Really, I do love my job. I love pulling coffee…and making weird, random frappucinos. But buttinski co-workers? Not so much.


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  • 1. marigold  |  May 31, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    His speech delay is going away?? Yay!!!!

    That’s so glad to hear. And if he was good, he certainly! deserves a trip with mommy.

    I understand about the caffeine. A mild amount of caffeine puts me to sleep, and my little boy, too. Sugar on the other hand, or even worse, Nutrasweet, causes us to bounce off the walls.

    And why is it that people think they have to tell you how to parent? Does she even have any kids of her own? I love the way people change their theories after they actually have practical experience…


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