Laura Vs. Old Navy, part 3

June 1, 2008 at 4:43 pm 2 comments

Now, I’m sufficiently calm enough to relate this almost last chapter in the struggle of me vs Old Navy and the order that never should have gotten here in the first place….


So, to recap:

I ordered some clothing-then, I found out it wouldn’t be here when I needed it. I talked to several people attempting to cancel it with increasing levels of frustration on my part and stupidity on theirs, with one even telling me I had Tourette’s Syndrome because I used a word association for a letter that was similar sounding to another. I got supervisor approval to bring the package that never got rerouted back to the store..and she talked to the manager at the store…and that manager told her (and me) that there would be no problem…which leads us to the latest chapter….


So, the package arrives, and I’m so exhausted from working a 7.5 hour shift-where it was non stop “do this, do that, figure this out, figure that out, this is how you do this, this is how you do that…” that I was pretty much NOT moving off of the couch to go over to Old Navy. So, first thing in the morning, I packed up my package, and trucked it over to the store. Just as a side note, the clothng was NOT what I expected. It was UGLY, and just very not what I expected from Old Navy.

So, I get to the store, and I go to the register. I tell the poor clerk (who has an attitude to beat the bank…) that I ordered the clothes on line and I needed to return them, and I really didn’t want to get into the saga of the whole thing, but I got approval from the manager at the store and online to return them at the store.

Clerk cops bigger ‘tude and says “you can’t return these here.”

I reiterate what I said, and ask for the manager. So, Clerk with ‘tude calls up manager…who arrives with another manager in tow. Obviously she couldnt’ do this alone.

So, Teeny bopper manager says “you can’t return these here.” I again go through the entire tale and say “well, online spoke to the manager here..” and I get cut off with “Well, I’m the manager, and she is too.. and we have had NO idea this was coming in. And we’re saying that you can’t return this.”

I ask her to call online and speak to them there, as they were supposed to have this written down and they need to take these back as per the agreement. I don’t care what they do with them, just take them the heck back as promised.

Well, finally, they start to come to their senses, and admittedly it took me getting a smidge loud, because they sat there like idiots and threw ‘tude the entire time…and at one point, snotty manager said “you dont’ need to raise your voice at me.”

I said “you don’t need to be condescending and rude to me.”

She clammed up.


20 minutes later, the returns were done, with the managers who can’t work alone and ‘tudy clerk finally doing it, realizing that I would not leave with the items…or without my money for said items.

1 hour later, I had the district manager’s number, and will be calling now that I have a few minutes to clear my head of things, because these people were wicked rude. Hardcore rude.

This is also to the point where I really won’t be setting foot in this store for an extra special long time. When I want Old Navy clothes, I’ll go to the store in the mall, and brave it there. Maybe by Halloween, I’ll be able to go and and get Isaac’s costume, but I won’t be in there for anything anytime soon.

Why do the Gods of customer service hate me? Why? Why must this not be easy….


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Ya know… Good Night, King Kong

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  • 1. Robyn  |  June 1, 2008 at 6:14 pm

    That really sucks about your whole experience with Old Navy…. bad customer service sucks – I agree!

  • 2. flgirlinsydney  |  June 3, 2008 at 8:45 am

    Bad customer service does suck, but that’s what happens when a bunch of kids are running the place.

    Though I can’t really feel too bad for you– I wish I had an Old Navy in Australia to go fight with. The crappiest clothes here are insanely expensive and super crappy. So I order Old Navy, have it sent to my mom in Florida, then she ships it to me– and it’s still probably cheaper than buying stuff in Sydney– and of course, I like their stuff.


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