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June 1, 2008 at 6:57 am 1 comment

I’m really sick of the old ‘if you go and get a new one, you’ll find the old one” game that seems to be the norm in my house. The latest run of this happened last week, when I needed to get all of my “eligible for employment” doccuments ready for work.

I’m going through my wallet, and I’ve got my

Driver’s licence (unfortunately, my NY one, because I had to give up my CA one. *grumble grumble*)

and I’m going through everything for my social security card. It’s not there, and not there, and not there. So, I figure that it’s back home, by the comptuer, because I had to make copies of it and Isaac’s for the insurance we’re trying to get. So, I tell the boss that i left my Social Security card at home and I’d bring it in the next day.

I get home, and go through everything-computer desk and all, and not a SSC to be found. So, I go on line, find the hours of the local office and get everything ready to go for a new card for me and the boy, because his was with mine. Blah.

The next morning I go to the office and order my new card. I didn’t have the right items to order Isaac’s, so I didn’t get his. Turn in all of the stuff to the boss, and get all sorts of stuff done at work.

Well, I come home, move a gift card-that I had moved before…and lo and behold there are BOTH of our social security cards!

So, now, I’ve got a backup copy of mine coming…and I don’t have to go down to the Social Security office to get Isaac’s.


But geez..why is it when you go and get a new one of these things, you always find the old one?


Entry filed under: insanity.

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  • 1. Robyn  |  June 1, 2008 at 10:34 am

    I can’t find what I did with my SIN card and it’s driving me mad. I’ve been searching for it for weeks now. I’ve *always* kept it in my wallet, and then the hubby finally convinced me to take it out that it was a bad idea to keep it in my wallet, I friggin’ lose it. I’m sure I’ll find it when I’ve gone out and ordered a replacement card…. murphy’s law, right?


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