Good Night, King Kong

June 2, 2008 at 7:34 am Leave a comment

It’s one of those things that you thought would never happen. It’s one of those things that seemed invincible…until you saw the pictures from the back…


Who thought the King Kong building would even be fitted with such terrible fire supression mechanisms that could be overwhelmed? Wasn’t this supposed to be solved after the 1990 fire?

Oh, wait. Let me backtrack here. For those of you who don’t know, Universal Studios Hollywood had a huge fire. Huge in the scope that the entire lower lot is pretty much no more.

No more Back to the Future Clock tower (and 1.21 Gigawats…)

No more New York Street.

No more King Kong.

The last fire there was 1990, and afterwards, what were supposed to be great fire suppression mechanisms were put in place, because the facades are pretty much all timber, and burn like gangbusters-but this time-they didn’t work. King Kong and his reign of banana scented ruling are over for the time being.

I’ve got great memories of this place, laughing at King Kong and Jaws attacking the tram with my family, laughing at all of the great movie props, playing with fake rocks and things. It really is a loss to the entire community to have this part of the working studio burn down.

The vault was a disaster too-but the silver lining in that whole thing is that Universal was SMART. They put copies of everything in different locations. Just because these reels and videos were lost, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist somewhere else. Hopefully now, they’ll make back ups of the back ups.

So, Good night, King Kong.

Hopefully, you’ll be back with us soon, so it’s not goodbye, it’s just goodnight.


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