The perils of 4

June 2, 2008 at 8:08 am Leave a comment

You know, I figured, with a language delayed child, who seems to be just a smidge behind, we could avoid certain things, you know…like the defiant stage, like the “I’m going to copy everyone and their mother” stage…

Yeah, I was delusional. You may all laugh at me now.

Last week, Isaac came home spitting..raspberry spitting at every turn. Disgusting, not cool, no, nope. Not liking this new behavior.

On Sunday morning, Isaac told me where he got it, and how the person at school who does it is just “so silly!”

I spent a few minutes processing it and then had a chat with Isaac about it. I explained to him that it is NOT something we do at home, and not something we even think about doing. When someone leans in to give you a kiss, you don’t raspberry them, or even when you say “I want a kiss” you don’t do that. It’s not silly, it’s not funny, it’s just gross. 

We’ve even played the “Big boys don’t do this” card., Doug asked him this morning when he did it again, where he got it. He repeated the same name.

Geez. The perils of being 4, and catching up to your age-appropriate peers.

I swear..I think I liked it better when he wasn’t doing this mess.


On top of this all, we’ve gotten to the long overdue defiant stage. Everything is met with a NO.

this is the way a typical conversation goes in our house lately:

“Isaac-go potty” (or insert any other request)

“NO! I’m playing!” or the other popular “No! I don’t want to!”

Yeah. I really wanted to skip this stage. Really.

I need to be sent back to delusional land. Seriously.


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