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June 17, 2008 at 10:31 pm 3 comments

Today, I worked with one of my favorite shifts (read: supervisors) who just makes the time fly by, and really is a good person to work for. My shifts FLY by with her there. Plus, she’s just funny…

Well, this morning, the three of us who were on, Awesome Shift, Hot n’ Cold Barista (that’s her personality. One minute she’s the neatest person, the next, well, she’s attempting to give parenting advice.), and me, got hit with the run of customers from HELL.

First customer came through the drive through.

oh, and did I menton, this was 6:30 am that this all started?

So, the first one came through the drive through, and our headsets ding. Awesome Shift says “Good morning, welcome to Starbucks, what can I get started for you today?”

Guy ordered a grande coffee and then stopped talking. Awesome shift chimed in “would you like cream and sugar in that?” (Usually, people will tell you right away…a standard order would be “I’d like a grande coffee with 3 splenda and cream.”)

So, Jerk in Car says: “IF you’d LET me finish…”

Hot n’ Cold and I whipped around and were like “WHOAH!” This was simply because the dude had stopped talking, and there was no hint of him even thinking about what was in his coffee.

We handed him off his coffee, and Awesome Shift started chanting “He’s so unloved he has to be mean to us..he’s so unloved he has to be mean to us..”

We threw a lot of love at our regulars, and gave them the extra shots, ect.

Then, the 7:15 rush happened. It happens every day without fail. BUT today? Well, we had the rush to beat all rushes.

I was assigned to bar, and started getting drive through orders and started whacking through them. Hot n’ Cold was on the drive through, handing off, taking orders and all of that jazz. Super Shift was on float.

We get a short line, and I was making some serious drinks. The woman at the head of the line was waiting just a few minutes, and she wanted a decaf Americano. Side note: I have NO idea how some of these people can drink these drinks. But, I digress. So, the woman finally gets her order taken-she was standing there for no more than 3 minutes-and makes a comment at us that she would have gotten her stuff faster if she had gone through the drive through!

So, rotten customer #3 shows up about 10 minutes after 2nd rotten customer. I’ve got my head down, making drinks for the drive thru and all sorts of other things going on, and we’re getting the rush to end all rushes through the drive thru again..and rotten customer #3 saunters up to the register. She starts asking for these drinks-a mocha with a ton of mocha and 2 sweet n lows, and then she wanted to add vanilla to it…until Awesome Shift reminded her that there were sweet n low’s in there and that would make it super, super sweet. So, she nixed the vanilla (she wanted 4 pumps…) and then proceeded to go around to the bar, where I was banging out some drinks for the drive thru.

In the line up of drinks, hers were numbers 4 and 5 out of the line of 5 I was making.

So, I’m working away, and she says “Excuse me. I need those fast. I have a cab waiting.”

I tell her politely that I will get to them as soon as I can, but I have a line up of drinks before hers.

She waits a few minutes before yelling at Awesome Shift to scream at me. Her line was “I asked her politely to make my drinks first, and she’s not doing it!”

Awesome shift again reminds her that there were a line of drinks before hers, and that I was working as quickly as possible. So, I hand her the super-sweet-mocha and she yells at me that she’s got a carmel macchiato too. Ok, fine. no biggie. working on that. So, I make it up as per the recipie, and her cup dictated (there were no alterations or specials on the cup that would change it up at all), and she again starts screaming at me. “That’s got carmel! ” (I had just put it on the top) “where’s my whipped cream?” (she didn’t ask for any) “where’s my vanilla powder!!” (again, didn’t ask for any. ) So, I make the alterations to the drink and she starts flipping out about the amount of carmel. It wasn’t enough. I sauced it until she said stop, and I can only say that this was a LOT of carmel. Like a ton. And add that to the stuff I put UNDER the whipped cream because I didn’t know she wanted it on there…

So, she leaves, and Awesome Shift apologizes for me having to deal with her. I confirmed with Awesome Shift that she asked for NONE of those at the register…

She leaves and about 20 minutes later, we get the next rotten customer. This is one of those ones who just wants free stuff. I recognize this woman..beacuse she has a very…distinct face. I know for a fact she works at a medical building not so far away, because she gave me garbage over Isaac’s insurance card. She walks in with a grande cold up filled with some liquid. I ask her how I can help her, and she goes on to say that she got that iced coffee last night, and it just wasn’t right, and she tried 3x through the drive t hru to get it right, but she just couldnt’ get them to make it right.

So, I say “Ok..” and I ring her in for the smallest Iced coffee that I can sell her and don’t charge her for any of the additions. She gets all pissy and says “I’m bringing this BACK!”

So I go and talk to Awesome Shift and the awesome shift tells me to give it to her on the house…and we all agree she just wanted free stuff. She has been pegged.

Lord love a duck, this was a rough morning.

So, moral of the tales of the dorks-Be nice to your barista. We’ll be nice to you. Don’t try to con us, because we’ll put the bee on you and you won’t get any love out of us at all.


Entry filed under: green apron, insanity.

Does it ever end? Nothing says “thank you” like a roll of duct tape.

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  • 1. FloridagirlinSydney  |  June 18, 2008 at 12:55 am

    Can I have a decaf peppermint mocha with twice the peppermint, 4x the mocha, 3 sweet n lows, and whipped cream. Oh, and can you make mine first, I’ve got a 3 year old who just pooped in his pants waiting outside with no one watching him.

  • 2. Renee Garcia  |  June 18, 2008 at 11:00 am

    I would have spit in their drinks. Seriously. LOL

  • 3. sjsmart  |  June 20, 2008 at 9:50 am

    I am always nice to the baristas….when I lived in a place when there were baristas and on occassion I would get little rewards. I love baristas. Baristas of the world please remember me.

    LOL. I’m losing it.


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