What I did on the 4th of July

July 6, 2008 at 11:12 am 2 comments

First off, I need to wish my darling sister a Happy Belated birthday-I called and left a message, but no birthday for the darling lil’ sis would be complete without blogging! SOOO, Happy Birthday, you  Butt Munch. Hope you at least had the day off!

Secondly-I’ve been asked by a few people if my store is one of the ones targeted for closure. The answer is fortunately, NO. We have some of the highest numbers in the district and people would get seriously violent if we closed our doors. Plus, we’re right near a major highway-we get TONS of traffic, as evidinced by July 3rd’s rush that had our drive thru snaking around the building and the line inside the building to the door…There are 3 stores in this area that I’ve heard to be closing. The district and regional managers are fighting one. The other 2 are goners. Hopefully, we’ll get some of the GOOD ones from those 2 stores at our store. Plus, they’re opening another store off the highway about 20 minutes up the road. That store needs staff…so there will be options…but my green apron is safe for now.


So, My 4th of July went like this….

4:15-alarm goes off. Get up, shower and put on the Barista clothes.

4:45-4:50-leave the house for what I THINK is a 5:15 start to my shift.

5:00-get to work-see SuperShift’s car-FREAK OUT thinking I’m 15 minutes late. Knock on door, get let in and apologize for being late-get told that she thought it was 4:45 too, and it really was 5:15, and we’re just going to open the store SLOWLY, and take our sweet time, so clock in and let’s get going.

Hey-the 4th was time and a half. I’m not complaining about the extra time.

6:00 am-Open…SLOW morning. Seriously SLOW morning. When HoursWhore (he calls himself that…) comes in, we dawdle around, do our “tasks” and then make ourselves drinks. It’s just dull as dishwater-we come up with drive thru games, and no one even flinches when we play them.

10:47-off the clock I am and heading home. I decide to stop and get bagels-I hear this tidbit from the bagel people “Who the hell needs bagels on the 4th of July!?”

Umm. Me.

So, I came home, ate bagels and proceded to get the family ready for the party that afternoon at my uncle’s house. No, not one of the uncles that is related to the trash dressing family that invaded poor Angela’s bridal shower a few weeks ago…this is the other side of the family…

This was Isaac’s first pool party. He’s really only done “water play” at school and other places. The kid loves water. He’ll sit there and play in the tub for HOURS upon HOURS.

So, he beelines for the kiddie pool and in about 30 seconds, rips off his rash guard.

(note to self: WHY did I buy the child a rash guard? Oh, yeah. He’s PASTY WHITE. Reminder to tell the school to MAKE HIM KEEP IT ON!)

Isaac had a great time hanging with the cousins on the side of the family he’s never really gotten to know (because of distance reasons…and because…of stuff my darling mother doesn’t want me to put in here. There.)

So, here are the photos…hover over for the explanations.

Isaac and DiAnna swimming in the big pool

Isaac and DiAnna swimming in the big pool

DiAnna getting Isaac to kick and do all sorts of great stuff in the pool

DiAnna getting Isaac to kick and do all sorts of great stuff in the pool

Amy and Jonah-a kid who\'s a pices with a fish name! No wonder he likes water!
Amy and Jonah-a kid who\’s a pices with a fish name! No wonder he likes water!

Isaac told Betsy to \

Laura, you\'re REALLY not taking my picture in this? Are you?
Ok. Done with water for now. Running THAT WAY!
Mind the Gap! Great shirt, isn\'t it? It\'s awesome to sport a shirt that reeks of England (that\'s where it came from!) on the most patriotic holiday of the year!
And you know what I got out of this party? Besides some serious schmooze time with my cousins?
Yeah. That\'s a serious sunburn. My stinkin sunscreen washed off in the pool. Lovely, huh?
And you know the sad part? This was taken this morning…and it’s still that red. OUCH. Next time, remind me to bring hte waterproof sunscreen? Will y’all?
And there’s now 14 days left as of this post, to enter my blogaversary contest! Keep those “secret menu” drinks coming!

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A-camping we will go..for the first time From Bad Latte Brown to Desert Cactus Green!

2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Robyn  |  July 6, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    Ouchie burn!

    I want a pool in my backyard! LOL

  • 2. TheAngelForever  |  July 6, 2008 at 7:15 pm

    Gorgeous pool – and Jonah has gotten SO big!

    What kind of sunscreen was it that you used. I want to know which type NOT to get.


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