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So, last night, I was talking with constant Sidekick and she brought up Sunday school for the fall. She’s on the committee, as she’s helping out with some of the stuff. She brought up the fact that they were starting to group the kids, and that Isaac was singled out to “experience Sunday school in his own way.”


Yeah, that was written into the notes. That was their slang for “we don’t know what to do with him, so instead of calling Laura and ASKING, we’re just going to let him do whatever he wants based on seeing him 2-3 times this year.”


Yeah, that went over soooo stinkin well with me.


So, I made a phone call today. I had to get to the bottom of this, and I know dang skippy well that they were NOT expecting me to make this call. Well, let’s back this up. I emailed both chairs last night, and the one I called today, well, her email bounced back, so I had to make this phone call, if nothing else, but to tell them that the line in those notes? That’s a kop out. And you’re a teacher? Wow. That’s the worst kind of kop out you can give as a teacher.


So, I said “Hi R, this is Laura. I’d like to discuss Sunday School for next year and how Isaac fits in with those plans. ”

She immediately told me that they had absolutely no idea what to do with Isaac, and how the few times she observed him (umm..he was there all of 3x, and all of those times, there was really no curriculum….and one of those times, the staff in the room that he was in LOST HIM. He came down the stairs and I intercepted him and the staff had NO IDEA he was even missing. Nice, huh?), he really didn’t “join in.”  I immediately told her that 1) the class was CHAOS and that 2) he was never encouraged to join in. He and 2 other chldren were allowed to run around nutty style and trash the back playroom while the teacher watched.  He was only there 2-3 times, and I reminded her about the time that he escaped…and no one noticed.

I also reminded her that her observations were done almost a year to a year and a half ago. He’s not the same child he was, and if she was to put him where she had planned (WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN!!! WITH THE 2-3 YEAR OLDS AND NOT IN THE PRE-K!!!), he would not be atteneding, as he needs to be with his age appropriate peers. It is NOT ok to drop him into a class of babies because they decided they didn’t want to deal with him in the pre-k class.

I also reminded her that if they were going to have all of these plans for my son, they needed to have them for other children in the church wtih management needs.


Then, I played the teacher card. She’s a teacher, I’m a teacher (ok, not going to be that way for much longer, but I’ve still got the smarts in my head..)-so I said to her…


“Well, as a teacher, I find it highly alarming that you would even attempt to group my child in the most restrictive environment possible by putting him in wtih younger children and basing your choice of this on extremely outdated observations. As a teacher yourself, you can see the problems inherent in this way of grouping my child. Also, why has no one contacted me, the parent, your first line of resources, in this matter if you were all so at a loss for what to do with my child?”

She was quite taken aback that I said that. But, really, it needed to be said. It really did. She apologized profusely and said “well, maybe we should have called…”

Maybe? Come on. Give me a stinkin break. DEFINATELY you should have called.

They have never given my circle time loving, NASCAR addicted, silly, highly distractable, yacking a mile a minute boy a chance to show them what he can do. I swear. It’s like fighting for him to be in the integrated class ALL OVER AGAIN. I hate this fight. I really do. I hate where people have preconcieved notions about my child that they don’t even give him a chance to break free of.

Right now, at school, everyone who said he couldn’t handle the integrated class is chawing down on their words, while I bite my tongue and hold hte “I told you so’s” back.


I really am waitng to say “I told you so” to these people as well, who have pidgeonholed my child, and the sidekick of mine who hasn’t learned to say the famous words “Yeah, why don’t you call Laura…”

So, we’ll see. We’ll really see if I keep him in Sunday school or not…we’ll see if they keep their promises to me and impliment all of my suggestions for Isaac  and evaluate things and really address the concerns I had about last year…and listen this year…and allow my child to show them what he can do.


Soapbox over.


Weekend vacation pictures tomorrow. Need to offload my camera.


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“You have got to be putting me on!” Long days, lots of coffee and New Jersey

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  • 1. camommy2kj  |  July 28, 2008 at 11:25 pm

    You go girl! 🙂

  • 2. Liz  |  August 1, 2008 at 7:19 am

    How hard it must be to bite your tongue! I would be boiling too…


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