Long days, lots of coffee and New Jersey

July 31, 2008 at 9:16 pm Leave a comment

Ok, so this has been a light week of blogging for me. Not my usual every day thing. I’ve been too tired and too caffinated to make a lot of sense of things.

So, here’s the short takes..I promise, photos and things to come. I just haven’t sat down long enough to offload my camera. All I’ve really wanted to do is lay on the couch from the long days I’ve been working..and let the caffine contact high wear off.

Over the weekend, we blew dodge again to Camp. This time, since it was the evil that is troop camp, we had the luxury of being able to roam the camp, do things and participate in activities as long as we were in radio contact. So, we took advantage of that-and I talked Doug into taking Isaac on a hike to the furnace. The camp has an old iron smelting furnace about a mile back on the property. It’s an easy hike…and a beautiful one at that. I got them back there, the two of them doing sorta whining the whole way…and they loved it. Really loved it.

It was worth it for me to go to camp. I sang staff grace at my table with the staff…taught Doug all of the staff graces…and taught Isaac a few new crazy songs. (Sorry Isaac’s school…)

I came back to a hectic week with all of the neurotics out in full force. Evil cappucino lady was back, as was melted latte-change your order at the window lady. Plus, we had a whole slew of new wacky ones show up…and one of  our regulars almost got hit by a lady going to the drive thru in the parking lot! See? They’re allllll out!

We also came back to a note from Isaac’s new speech therapist that she’s LEAVING and moving to New Jersey. Why? Why New Jersey? Isn’t that where New York dumps their garbage? Ok, fine, there’s cheap gas and mandatory full serve , but come on! Doesn’t she know that moving is NOT allowed by any stretch of the imagination?

But the uptick of this is that Isaac gets back his speech therapist he just left-and adores. AND she’s staying in his room in the fall. It’s quite nice to have her there! Woohoo!

with one more LONG day ahead of me, I’m ready to go to bed. It’s been one heck of a week…and I know I’ve promised pictures before, but I really will get a chance to sit down and offload the camera probably early on Saturday, when a quiet house and a cool loft make for one happy Laura.


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