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August 11, 2008 at 8:53 pm 1 comment

Can you take another one? Oh, so what if you can’t. This has to be told!

So, today, I was nice and covered a shift at another store. I figured the shift wouldn’t be so bad. 5:30 am-10:00. Not a big deal. Nice quickie.


This store is a smidge further from my house than my home base store. It’s acutally closer to SUNY where the Giants are for summer training camp, ok, it’s across the street. For those of you in the area, it used to be Taco Pronto.


So, I got there at 5:25, and finally found out where I was supposed to go in. The first thing that the person asked me was “Do you have keys?”

Yeah, this should have been my first clue.

I told the guy that I didn’t have keys, as I had called to take the shift, and no, I didn’t have the person’s home phone, because I called him at the store and did it from MY store. Turns out the guy is the manager of the store and the shift? Well, the shift wasleaving in a week and didn’t have any keys.


Yes, that means that the 3 of us (there was another barista..) were LOCKED OUT OF THE STORE at 5:30 am.


Opening was at 6.


So, Shift goes in search of a phone book to find manager’s number, because the phone list is where it should be…IN THE STORE.

He walks over to the donut shop by the store and asks for a phone book…they don’t have one, but he buys coffee and munchkins. We figured we’d pass them out to the disgruntled customers. Tastes just like our house coffee!!


Munchkin? Munchkin?


So, shift then went to the hotel..where they didn’t have  a phone book. So he came back and got on his bike and went over to the next closest store…in the upscale strip mall. So, he finally calls the manager and the manager said “Oh, I forgot about that…” when the shift mentioned that his replacement from another store had NO KEYS.

So, at this point, it’s 6:15 am, and we’re watitng for manager to get there, and there are 4 of us waiting. Shift is telling customers what’s goign on and apologizing, as well as telling us we were soooooooo getting paid from the time we were supposed to start, because we were ON STINKIN TIME.

How can you forget that you gave a person hours for you and then forget that the shift you have on doesn’t have the keys?


Lord Love a duck!


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Green Apron Tales-the freshest brew Wait-I’m the adult here!

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  • 1. sjsmart  |  August 12, 2008 at 7:00 am

    What flavor were the Munchins? Mixed? I love the chocolate and the cinnamon kind. I don’t care for the plain glazed and I like the powdered ones only if the powder is sticky otherwise it gets me on the back of the throat!

    What time did you finally make it in to the store?


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