Green Apron Tales-The melted latte always comes back

August 17, 2008 at 4:25 pm Leave a comment

Here’s the latest…and greatest…


Ok..Melted Latte Lady is BACK! Oh, you all remember her…from this episode and this one.

Well, I was on DTR the other day and I hear her order through the headset and I figure I might just try to kill her with kindness. She hates that, but come on. I figure one of these days, she’ll get tired of being a wicked witch and succumb to our niceness at our large Green Apron establishment. I recently found out her name from another barista, and decided to address her by name! That usually makes most people happy…

Well, she gets to the window, and I say “Good morning, K, how are you doing?”

She shoots me a dirty look, and says “How do you know my name?”

I say “I make it a point to know all of my regulars by name and drink.”

She then throws the money at me and speeds off.


You know, she’s one of those people who’s just not nice. Point blank. She’s just one of those people who really isn’t happy unless she’s complaining.


So, I was telling this to another barista, and she said “OH! I know who you’re talking about! My mom works at (local plastic surgery office) and they all refuse to deal with her anymore, because she’s so difficult. She’s had her lip attempt to be fixed so many times, it won’t heal properly anymore.” (she’s got a cleft lip repair, and it sounds like her palate was repaired, but poorly. she’s super nasal. sorry-speech therapy training coming out here..)

Sad she’s got that reputation, isn’t it?


Like I said.



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