Green Apron tales, the long, long shift

August 27, 2008 at 7:28 am 1 comment

So, here I sit, yet again, wtih a few more tales of hilarity. I’m fresh off oh, aproximately 19-20 hours in 2 days. We’re down people and we’re all dealing with the insane shifts. It’s meant long days for all of us, and that means all of us get punchy and things start to happen.

So, let’s start with the stupid statement of the week.

I was opening with one of the newer shifts, and she got all bent out of shape because I did things in an order that she decided she didn’t like. I got ICE before I did the pastry case….oh, crime of the century here! So, she’s having her caniption and then decides to explain herself…and she says…
“well, we don’t get customers until 6:15 anyway, so this can wait until just before we open and we can finish it off then.”

Yeah. How come that day, the first drive thru customer came at 5:32?

So, upon opening the other day, I told the other shift about this statement, because we were talking about the newer shifts and what I thought of them. This shift was bewildered by the comment, and wondered what would have possessed the other shift to say that…and the joke became…
“what time is it? Oh, wait. We can’t have customers yet. It’s not 6:15!”

So, of course, I was living la vida DTR. Here was the moment of the day that had us all shaking our heads…

headset dings

me: “Hi and welcome to Starbucks in ______________. What can I get started for you?”

customer: “I’d like a grande iced mocha, no whip, nonfat..I’ve got a coupon…”

realizing that this is a treat receipt and can only be used same day, after 2 pm, and this is 7:30 am…

me: “I’m really sorry, but unfortunately, you can’t use that coupon. It’s only good same day, after 2 pm.

(Nobody defend this delusional woman. The rules of the treat receipt are printed ON THE RECEIPT. We stamp the sucker and it’s huge and black!)

There is a huge dead silence. All 4 of us on shift look at each other and wait. And wait. And wait.

Customer (super snotty like) “Well, I still want it.”

I give her the total, and ask her to pull around. She comes to the window and starts screaming at me about how bogus the coupon was and how we shouldn’t give out fake coupons.

Umm, wackjob lady…it’s not a fake, it’s a legitimate promotion, and it’s only good same day, after 2 pm, just as the printed portion says!

And when I pointed this out to her, she admitted to not reading it.

Well, gee. If you don’t read it, you shouldn’t be screaming at me.


Then, since we got slightly dead, shenanigans ensued. Manager was part of said shenanigans. I got the log song stuck in everyone’s head…and then on top of all of that, it became painfully obvious that we were all slap happy. Someone even asked us what was put in our coffee that morning. There were songs about sheep, the usual complaints about the vivanno drinks, and how the person who invented them was NOT a barista, or the would have NEVER done something like this, and how the oatmeal that we’re getting is going to make our lives just that much more interesting…yes, oatmeal.

So, there I am, about 7.5 hours into a 9 hour day and manager comes over and asks if I’ll do tips.

Sure, fine, whatever.

Oh, yeah..I’ve never done tips before. This is going to take a hot minute.

3 hours later, I’m done with tips and am on my way to my mom’s house for dinner. I can’t function anymore. Trust me. this was NOT pretty.

At least I got to take my tips home. That was the upswing of the entire thing…but 13-14 hour days at the Bux? Not a good thing, especially with delusional customers.


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  • 1. Trish  |  August 29, 2008 at 10:26 am

    oh no I am a coupon freak … but I read the conditions.
    I am blog hopping and came by chance.
    Starbucks in Australia is closing … well a lot of stores and we don’t have drive thru’


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