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Sick again.

You know, it figures. Just when the school year gets rolling,a nd I’m on a good groove, we get the sickies. Seriously. it sucks.


Yesterday, isaac woke up wtih the fever and the pukes that signal the usual suspect-an ear infection. Yeah, Shocking, I know.

I came home half day and got on the phone with the doc’s office and got in. Let me tell you..I’m in love with this new doc’s office. They have real people hours. Open late. Like until 7. NICE.

Needless to say, we got in at 5:15 wtih the PA. She took one look in his ears and whammo. Ear infections. She was concerned because he was SO dry. Not drinking, not eating…not even his favorites.


So, we’re back on an antibiotic…and lots of advil..and the goober powered back 3 popsicles last night. Not complaining there. Seriously.


So, off to the ENT we go next week. I’m thinking we may need round 2 of tubes. Ick.


September 30, 2008 at 8:26 am 2 comments

Bert’s Blanket

Come all know it…we all love Bert. We love his anal retentiveness, love of bottle caps…and for cripe’s sake, we all love to watch him be driven insane by Ernie.

Here’s Bert solo…with some sheep..who in the end, do what we all love best…Drive Bert nuts.


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Commentary from the peanut gallery

Last night, after I got home, we decided we all needed some mindless entertainment. We tossed on Unbeatable Banzuke from the DVR.


After an hour of all 3 of us laughing hysterically, we (being the adults in the room..) decided that it was time to hear some of the local and world events going on. So, we turned off Banzuke and flipped on the news.


It was at this time, our own private peanut gallery piped up and said:

“Oh, no! It’s NewsChannel 13!”


Shows how much he loves to watch the news….

September 23, 2008 at 8:05 am 1 comment

Monday morning yet again.

Here we are, back on Monday. Whoever decided that it was a good thing to make the alarm go off before the sun rises should be strung up. Seriously.


So, today I’m giving another round of tests. I know the one class should be JUST FINE, and the other class…well, the jury’s out. That group asked the following questions when I asked them if they had any questions about the test…

“Is it going to be hard?”

WELL, if you didn’t pay attention, it’s impossible to pass.  NEXT.

“Well, what’s going to be on the test?”

Umm..I explained it 3 times. I wrote it on the board. I went over it 3 times. If you don’t know by now, you weren’t paying attention, and you don’t get an answer.


Wonder what kind of answers I’ll get…

September 22, 2008 at 8:47 am 1 comment


No it’s not 5 dollar foot longs…

Here’s a favorite of my other half for today’s Sesame Street on Friday segment!

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The best answers yet

As mentioned previously, I gave 3 classes tests this week. I truly forgot how much I hate grading…and I love project based learning. But I digress.


Today, I was sitting at the ‘bux, grading away after my shift, because lord knows I can’t get that done here. Between Isaac and Doug and the cats and everything that swirls around…I can’t get a stinkin quiet minute.

So, I brought my stickers (and gave them to a few other Baristas and one customer), and my papers and sat down with some soup and a frappucino and began to read. I had to put them down for a few minutes, because I just couldn’t take it.


So now, so you all can share in the are the  answers that made me almost lose my frappucino.


Question: In your own words, Define Plaigerism. Explain how it is harmful to the technology industry.

Best answer: “I’m not sure, but I think it’s your not supposed to put a magnet near a computer, because it messes it up.”


Question: Name 3 careers that are dependent on technology. Explain what would happen to these careers if the technology didn’t exist.

Best answer: “ITT Technical Institute.”

Second Best answer: “I’d so die without my computer. 🙂 “ (and yes, there was a smiley face after the answer.)


Question: Describe, step by step, the process for inserting a graphic into a Word Doccument.

Best answer: “You get a CD, put it in the drive and wait for it to load. Then, you see a bubble that says “new hardware found.” you then click OK and that’s it.”


Question: What does HTML stand for. What exactly does HTML do?

Best answer: “HTML stands for Hotmail. You use it to check your email.”

Second Best answer: “HTML is how you watch movies on the web. Wait. I’m not supposed to download those.”


UNCLE. I give. I totally give.

I’ll be having a chat with these classes tomorrow. Seriously. At least this was fun reading.

September 18, 2008 at 10:06 pm 2 comments

Hey! You forgot me!!

That’s Isaac’s favorite line lately.  And you’d think it was true. How could I forget about my little Monkey starting school again?


Well, we’re two weeks in, and he’s doing all sorts of well. I was right to push for the integrated room. Seriously right. The teacher sends home notes that he’s had a great day…and we’re all gearing up for the first field trip.  Yes, the teacher said it would be low key..but come on. First times are first times!


So, as per tradition, I took my little Monkey on the first day of school, being SPECTACULARLY late to the first staff meeting of the year. Yeah. I walked in during Mass. (Remember..I work at a Catholic school..) Nice, huh?


But I also did one extra thing this year. I took a photo. This is the last year that Isaac will be at this school. We’re all gearing up for the tears in June, because it’s been one heck of a ride…but we’re not thinking about that now…


So, here’s my Monkey on the first day of school…

Isaac on the last first day of ECEC-Look at that grin!


See? Who could even think of forgetting that face.

September 16, 2008 at 10:54 am 1 comment

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