Green Apron Tales-the Labor Day edition

September 1, 2008 at 9:14 pm Leave a comment

Today is Labor Day. The supposed tribute to the working person and the last day of summer. It’s a FEDERAL HOLIDAY.


Yeah, but people still need their coffee.


So, I went in for the open shift.


On holidays, Big W, the manager, is kind to us and lets us sleep in a whole half hour! This means our beloved Bux opens at 6:00 am instead of 5:30.

Now, most people take this in stride. Most people realize-Hey! It’s a HOLIDAY. We can wait a whole half hour for our coffee! And oh, for the love of Pete, let’s just tip these poor souls who are working on Labor Day.


But not obnoxious dude who showed up at 5:39 AM.

We have no clue how long he was waiting at the speaker. Frankly, it doesn’t matter, as we were still closed. The lock bar was still up on the window, signifying that we were CLOSED. Seriously. There’s a lock bar, doors are locked, neither of us have our green aprons on, and I’m hauling buckets of ice from the back of house to the bar area.

So, as I’m hauling the 4th bucket of ice to the bar area (it takes 5-6 buckets to fill the ice containers…), I hear a horn blast at the window. I look over, and there’s this guy, in a local cable company truck, with his laptop out and looking quite ticked.

I walk over and open the window and tell him that we’re not open right now, because we are opening at 6. This is how the conversation went…

me: Sir, I’m really sorry, but we’re not open yet. We’re opening at 6 today.

him: WHY.

me: It’s a holiday. We open at 6 on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

him: (with a serious snotty tone..) Really.

me: Yes. I’m really sorry.

him: You’re not sorry at all. Fine. See ya.

He zooms away in his truck, not to be seen again for the rest of the day, in search of a bux that’s open before 6. Yeah, good luck with that one. We’re one of the few that starts our day at 5:30!

I go in the back and tell Senior Shift about it and she just kind of rolls her eyes, and we both make a few wisecracks about the guy and move on.

Since we were so Q-U-I-E-T (I can’t say it. It will jinx me for next time.), Senior Shift and I began talking about this guy. Yeah, he’s  at it again.

So, on Saturday, he came in and one of the shifts was so caught up in something, that he didn’t get his check right away. Sorry…we all understand how frustrating that is…but to come back, come on shift and throw the biggest temper tantrum of the week…and drop F-bombs in front of customers? Wow.

At one point he had the audacity to ask me to go to CVS and get him DEODORANT. Yes, DEODORANT. Senior shift couldn’t beleive it. She agreed that deodorant is not something you ask someone to buy for you…especially when you’re in a mood, and every other word out of your mouth is an F-bomb.


He threatened to quit if he had another Saturday like that one.


Please? Please quit? Pretty please?


Remember, if you make a threat like that,you have to make good on it.


Just sayin’.


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