Green Apron Tales-People who should not go through a drive thru

October 2, 2008 at 4:10 pm Leave a comment

So, today was another long shift at the ‘bux. I did 6:15 -3:00. Long day.


hello Drive thru. That was me.

We had our usual assortment of crazies. Nothing to really write home about…until this one came through…

this is how it went:


me: Hi, welcome to Starbucks in _____________! What can I get you started?

Old guy: *instant loud feedback in my headset as he leans out the window of his car to yell..* I WANT A MEDIUM CARMEL APPLE CIDER!

me: Sure. A grande carmel apple spice. Anything else for you today?

Old guy: NO!

me: That will be 3.13, come on up to the window.

So, Old guy approaches the window. I open up the window and give him the usual greeting and I get this:

“So, where is my senior discount?”


I politely explain that we don’t do those. If he were to bring his own cup, we could do a cup discount, which is the same as a senior discount. He was not pleased nor ammused and got all huffy with me.

The other barista gives me the drink to hand off and I say “here you’re all set. Have a great day. ”


and then he has the nerve to say to me…




Umm…hot drinks don’t normally come with straws. Seriously.

So, I say:

“Oh, I’m sorry-I didn’t know you wanted a straw. Here you go.”


then, he turns on his car and drives off in a geriatric huff.


Yeah. Fine.

Seriously. People who are as old as the hills should not be allowed in a drive thru. Especially if they’re going to be ornery and demand senior discounts and straws with hot drinks like we should know this…


and to make matters even more fun, we had our resident drama addict partner in today. This partner spent the day telling anyone who would listen about her latest hospital visit.


Lovely, huh?


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