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Yesterday, Isaac had his 2nd set of tubes placed in his ears. Not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination after what this kid has been through, but still, it requred a hospital visit….which freaks the poor kid out after last year’s debacle with Doug. So, needless to say, it was not an easy morning for us. Isaac came through like a champ and was bouncing off the walls by the time we got home.


So, when we got home, we noticed that the mail had arrived! Wow! Early mail! Neato bandito! Supposedly the Outlaws and Princess Pretendtocare sent Isaac Halloween stuff. After the baby toy debacle, we’re previewing any gifts from Princess Pretendtocare, so watching hte mail was imperitive.

In the mail, there was an envelope adressed to Doug. In Colostomy’s handwriting. Ok…

So, I have Doug open it, thinking it may be sometihing decent. STOP LAUGHING. I KNOW! I was delusional from the lack of sleep and the cold that I’m fighting…and a bunch of other things…

So, inside the envelope are 2 newspaper articles with “F.Y.I” and big smiley faces on them. One is about Food Stamps (yeah, right. We don’t need them, we don’t qualify, and for cripes sake, that’s our choice if we want to apply or not. ) and the other was an article all about how Tuscon needs minority teachers who are bilingual.


Let me repeat that.


Tuscon needs minority teachers that are bilingual.


Do we all see what this is?



A thinly veiled ploy on the part of Vapid to get us to move to Arizona.


Now, let’s discuss this-

First off, It’s bad enough I’m here in NY. It’s stinkin cold now and I’m tired of it already. For cripe’s sake we had snow. Now, most people would think that moving to Arizona would combat that…well, it’s on the other polar extreme of what I hate. SERIOUSLY STINKIN HOT. Nope. No thanks.


Second, why would they even want me near them? They constantly call me names and since Doug won’t give up any information on where I work or anything (that’s my my demand. Until they can learn to ask ME, and stop pumping Doug for information and then berating him when he won’t give ut up, they get no information whatsoever.), they tell him that I don’t want to be part of the family. Why are they doing this? Is it a delusional ploy to get near Isaac?  Doug even told me that Vapid talked his ear off abotu this for a half hour and when he said “well, you know, Laura’s not going to go for this…” she didn’t shut up.

lastly, I’m officially offended. How dare they send an article to Doug about teaching. He’s a NURSE. Not a teacher. That’s my occupation. Why not send that article to me? Had that happened, I’d be throwing it in the circular file and calling them their usual set of delusional names. First they say adopted kids aren’t real family, then they call me racial slurs and now this? What is it? Do you want me near you or do you think that I’m the scourge of society because I’m noth a minority and adopted?  And how can they be so delusional as to think that I’d even move closer to them, when I refuse to let them near Isaac unsupervised after several incidents where they have exercised questionable judgement in the way they handle my child.


Morons. They can’t have it both ways. Seriously. They can’t.


I’m quite happy at the ‘bux and in my computer lab, thank you very much. I will not be heading to Tuscon any time soon. As much as NY is a place I begrudginly call home, Arizona is not on my list of destinations where I’d really want to plant myself. It’s safer that way…for the outlaws that is.


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So, I went to Rhinebeck…. It’s Halloween! That can only mean one thing…

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