Student Council Hell

November 16, 2008 at 8:42 am Leave a comment

How I get myself into these things, I surely do not know. Seriously. I wonder if it truly is my lack of attention at faculty meetings, where 90% of the items don’t apply to me.


Ahh. The joys of being a “specials” teacher!


This year, I got saddled with Student Council. Normally, not so bad, but for cripe’s sake, give me some lead time to get things done. In a 3 week period, I not only had to GET the items for student council, get students to run for office and today, we’re conducting elections.

AND all of this and teach my classes at the same time.

So, the students were responisble to get a petition to me with 10 signatures, the signature of one of their teachers certifying they have a B average or better in their core subjects and then the principal had to sign off on it certifying that she knew they were running and they would be ok to run for behavior.

WELL, Friday, all of a sudden, I see these random posters up that one of the VP candidates put up and a Presidential candidate wrote his name on. I quickly went through my stuff (that’s organized! Write that down!) and didn’t see any sort of petition for this guy. At all. End of sentence, end of story. So, I go and grab him. He goes and FINDS HIS PETITION that he TURNED IN TO THE SECRETARY and it’s all signed and ready to go. WOW. Ok. Ballots are done at this point, everything is set…so I made him a write in candidate.

Now, this makes things a bit more interesting. We have students attempting to write in a goofy kid candidate, and then we’ve got kids who are acting like they’re not on the ballot. ARGH. And who would have thought the 4th graders would have been the swing votes? Seriously. Those kids took what we all thought was going to happen and turned it on its ear, making some things too close to even call (Like 4 votes!!) and the other things a landslide. Wow.


So, let’s get into the funny of the week.

Monday morning, I was running to the bathroom, and the teacher’s bathroom was totally occupied. Since it was before students showed up, I figured I’d use the kids bathroom. Clean and no kids to run into. Not a big deal.

So, I go into the first stall and close the door. On the back of the door, was a poster for the VP candidate. She had spelled her name wrong. Yes, you read that right, she SPELLED HER NAME WRONG. I couldn’t stop laughing. I was laughing so hard…the 7th grade teacher came in and asked if I was OK. I sent her into the stall and she about died as well.

So, the kids come in and I go and grab said student. Send her into the bathroom and tell her to look at her poster. 30 seconds later, I hear her scream and laugh. She totally realized what she had done, and then was laughing as hard as I was. The worst part of this? We both had to stand through morning prayers trying not to snicker.


So, let’s see what happens on Monday when I meet with the officers-and the one I’m going to “appoint” if he gets his grades up by the end of the quarter.


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