It’s that time of year again…the mid-semester exhaustion fest!

November 20, 2008 at 10:33 pm Leave a comment

Since college, every semester, about mid to 3/4 of the way through, I end up doing a total meltdown. Just too tired to do anything but melt. I think, even though I’m not in school anymore, I’m having one of those meltdown fests. Working a 6 day week is combersome at best, and working long hours at both places does little for my sleep debt and sanity.

Right now, I’ve got so many demands on me, that it’s not even funny. Seriously. And now, with Doug back to work, the demands have increased threefold.

It’s hard to keep my head together and really have a coherent thought past  “I’m so freakin tired.”

So, here’s the short list of my pity party. I just need to have one of these, because it’s part of the meldtown/exhaustion fest. The other part is sitting in a chair, eating ice cream, but it’s too stinkin cold for that, so I think I’ll just sit and eat popcorn. That’s the ticket…

so, here goes…

  • I’m tired of being supermom. I feel like every smidge of responsibility is on me. I not only pick up Isaac, but I have to deal with Day care, ECEC and then fight dinner, lunches and clothes for the next morning. Yeah. My idea of a great time. Then, I have to do all sorts of other Isaac related things. You know, Bath, headlock for brushing teeth, and a few other things. Oh, and deal with him trashing anything that gets in his way like MY HARRY POTTER BOOKS. Yeah, that was a lovely conversation with me crying and him telling me everything was going to be ok. Sweet kid, but that does not excuse  him from the massacre of my books.
  • I really long for a mindless program to teach instead of writing my own. I also want a lab that works. I’m so tired of troubleshooting, having hard drives crash and then try to reinstall software, so the kids can do some meaningful work. I’m also tired of the teachers thinking I’m just the be all and end all of computers. FOR THE LAST TIME, PEOPLE-I CANNOT FIX YOUR WIRELESS CONNECTION. I DO NOT HAVE THE ADMIN PASSWORDS.
  • I’m tired of the behavior of some of the students and the fact that there is so little done about it. I’ve given detentions, I’ve cut off movies (that projects are based on) and told the students to get it themselves, I’m at my wit’s end. If I have to say the specific names of 4 students anytime soon, I”m going to scream.
  • I am tired of the drama from a few specific people at the ‘bux. Please, leave the drama at home. Laura is too stinkin tired to deal with your borderline personality disorder. Seriously. When I break out the DSM stuff, it’s just too late.
  • I’m tired of the attitude of entitlement of my other half. He thinks because he’s working again that he has the right to sit around when he has a quiet house and do NOTHING. Yeah. NOTHING.
  • I’m tired of fighting the other half to buy appropriate groceries in my absentia. No, 3 bags of pretzels for his snacks does not count as proper grocieries for a family of 3, where 2 of us are home at night and need dinners…and lunches packed.
  • I’m just tired in general. 2 jobs, a 6 day week-I’m just stinkin tired.

So thank you for attending my pity party. Now I’m going to go and roll myself in bed and eat pop tarts. I found those…because I don’t have ice cream, and it’s too cold for ice cream, and I’m really too tired to pop popcorn…


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