Green Apron Tales: The “special” customer

November 23, 2008 at 4:33 pm Leave a comment

So, this morning, I did my usual Saturday morning opening shift. Usually a non eventful time. Note the use of the word “usually.”

So, CentralShift and I walked into the usual disaster. We had a broken coffee scoop and a broken grinder. Yeah. A broken grinder. The handle was completely snapped off by another barista. Lovely. Just what I need at 5:15 am. Seriously.

So, we make it through the beginning of our opening schtick, and at not even 5:25, two customers walk in, because the door was slightly ajar from us getting the newspapers and not wanting to be locked out. Plus, oru delivery guy had JUST pulled up, so, we left the door ajar for him as well. We tell them we’re not open and they huff out.

Ok. Here are some clues that we’re NOT open:

  1. The lights are off
  2. the sign on the door clearly states that we’re not open until 6 am
  3. we’re not in green aprons
  4. the music isn’t on
  5. we don’t ask if we can get them anything
  7. oh, and did I mention that only the bar lights were on? The cafe lights were OFF.


So, based on that, we knew it was going to be some sort of day. Seriously. Some sort of day.

CentralShift and I muddled through the insane onslaught until EmDawg showed up and helped us with the hell that was the morning. We had the specials of the world-you know the type-the ones who think they are SOOOO special that they don’t have to be nice, they don’t have to wait and they CERTAINLY have to have a pain in the ass drink that no one wants to make…or if they’re through the DTR, they’ve got all sorts of other issues. ARGH.

So, I was assigned to DTR, which is my little home. I swear. Is there a time I can’t be on DTR…but I digress.

Things are going along swimmingly, until we get to one of the “specials” of the world. This woman was nasty from the get go and started screaming at me, because I asked her to repeat her order because of a airplane flyover that made it hard for me to hear her.

Note: when you go through a drive thru and you have a plane fly overhead, and the person then asks you to repeat, because they couldn’t hear you-it’s not because they’re stupid or was a plane. Therefore, repeating your order in….super…..slow…..motion….. is completely uncalled for.

So, obnoxious lady ordered a venti peppermint mocha twist. She gets her drink and drives away. 3 minutes later, she’s in our cafe, kvetching that we made her the wrong drink. She gets all pissy with MichyMoo (another shift) and we remake the drink. EmDawg goes and pours it out in the back, and over our headsets we hear the most profound statement of the day…

“that woman is a psycho. This was a peppermint mocha twist. What the hell did she think it was?”

Go EmDawg. What I was totally thinking…but I was on the floor. You can’t say that stuff on the floor when its busy. Seriously.

So, approximately 20 minutes later, we get a DTR rush. Nothing new there, but get what happened:

a customer comes up and gets a green tea latte (oh, ick! Grass!) and a decaf (sad) pumpkin spice latte. They pull to the window and pay. In the meantime, I get a ding.  Since our window is motion sensitive, the window closes.

The dipwad in the car starts BANGING ON THE WINDOW LIKE I’M IGNORING HIM!!!


Umm..give me a hot sec? Can’t you see I’m doing two things at once and your drinks are not up? Banging on the window is not a way to win me over and charm me. Come on. What? You think you’re more important than the person that’s trying to order as well? Come on!

The day kept going like this. We had all sorts of “specials” all day long.

Please, people…can we make it a priority that if you go to the ‘bux during this most wonderful of holiday seasons to sample our most wonderful holiday beverage trio (wow. I sound corporate here…wow..but that Espresso Truffle…MMMMMMMMMMMM),please, please please be nice to the baristas. Tip well and say please and thank you..and be patient. You’ll get so far with us and we may just treat you to something…you never know. If however, you are a snot and act “special,” YOU GET NOTHING! NO! NOTHING!


So there.


Entry filed under: green apron.

It’s that time of year again…the mid-semester exhaustion fest! Ok, everyone, Meep along now!

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