The Rental Car Catastrophe

December 2, 2008 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

So, during the worst rainstorm of the winter thus far, my windsheild wipers went.  Wanna talk superscary? Seriously. So, I did what any self respecting person would do-I got it to the closest repair place that I could get to safely and told them what the deal was. This happened to be Midas. Yeah, I know..Midas. But again, safety came first before finding somewhere that was a bit better.

So, they tell me that the entire wiper transmission was cracked. It had to be replaced to the tune of 400.00. Ouch. Then, here comes the worst part-they couldnt’ get the part until the next day. This meant I had to get a rental car. I used Enterprise, because they had a deal wtih the midas shop I used. We won’t even go into the whole lie I was told by the Midas people about how much it was, but come on…


So, I get to enterprise,a nd since, for many reasons, I don’t have a credit card, I had to plunk down a 300.00 deposit to get the car off the lot. Yes, this was for a one day rental. Gotta love it. So, what they told me was whatever was not used, would be refuneded to me within 5-7 business days. Ok. Fine. whatever. I paid up and drove off in my rental car that smelled slightly like someone was smoking in it before me. Argh.

I totally returned it the next day. When the totals were said and done, the entire total came to $68.00-or somewhere around there wtih change. This left me with a huge credit of 236.00. They said they would mail it back to me within 5-7 business days. Yeah. Keep that timeline in mind.

So, I quietly wait. And wait. And wait. I even gave them a bit of leeway for Thanskgiving. It became 10 days…and then 11…then 12…and then I decided to call. I got the manager who said “What? you have no money yet?” My line : “If I had the money, I wouldn’t be calling you.”

So, the manager tries to call accounting, but like every good pencil pusher, they left the office early because it was Black Friday. She leaves a message and asks for a call first thing Monday morning. Knowing how Black Friday works, I let that go. Fine. whatever. WELL, I call on Monday again to see what the damage is and of course, they really don’t have an answer for me. By the time all was said and done, guess what? The stupid pencil pushers had gone home! Oh, and don’t look surprised. I wasn’t. Neither was the manager. I asked her to relay a simple message to the accounting department-This better be resolved by the week’s end, or they would have to deal with a lawyer, because this is insane.

Let’s just jump to today. I took my one break and rambled on downstairs to the office to make this call. I wanted a witness in case it went badly, and the secretary is as good a person as any. Plus, she laughs at me when I get really fired up. She thinks it’s hilarious.

So, I call Enterprise yet again. They have no, no, no answers for me. They said they were working on it, but didn’t have anything, and could they call me back. Umm..not really. This is my ONE half hour break in the day. I’m NOT leaving my room to take a phone call that will in all likelyhood piss me off. Tuesdays are the days I have all of the little kids…we’re talking Nursery 3, Kindergarten, 2nd grade and 5th grade. The little ones don’t deserve to see me grouchy. Seriously.

Well, I make that clear to them, and then I ask for accounting’s direct line, because obviously the poor manager at the place I rented from is having no luck with these pencil pushers. I get a number and call it…and lo and behold, the yahoo who picked up the phone gave me the WRONG NUMBER. yeah. WRONG NUMBER! So, I call Enterprise back, and get on with them again and ask if they’ve got a different number for accounting, because this one is really wrong. I get the manager on the phone and she says “Guess what? You’ve got your check! I threw a serious fit at accounting, told them that they HAD to cut it for you today and they told me that it was St. Louis’ fault (that’s where corporate is), and that you fell through the cracks in some sort of computer glitch. I dont belive them, and I told them that. Originally they said they would MAIL it to you, but I told them you were coming out there to pick it up since it’s only in the area just North of East Nowhere. They promised me it would be ready for you today.”

I thanked the manager, got directions to the place and was told that it would  be ready after 4:00.

So, I end my day, go to the doc’s office for what seems like the umpteenth time to check the medical device and some other things, and then I go get Isaac, and we had out for North of East Nowhere. Building was so easy to find, because there’s a child care there, with a roof that looks REALLY bad. It’s glaringly bad. So bad, I’d be afraid to send Isaac there…but I digress.

I walk into the office, and it is 4:10. There is no one at the reception desk, and looking to the right, there was a staff member, who clearly saw me, in her office, eating a banana, having a personal conversation about meeting her lovey at the gym and then going to staples. Yeah. Ignore the customer…sure…good idea.

So, I peek around the next corner after I’ve been waiting until 4:15…and say “Hello? Is anyone here?”

Girl peeks out and asks how she can help me. I explain that I’ve been sent there by the office that I rented the car from and was told I could pick up my refund check for the car rental that was due to me over 3 weeks ago. She claims she knows nothing about it (can you see how shocked I am??) and defers to a gentleman at the fax machine. He claims to know nothing about it (shock again!) and they both trot off to accounting. They’re gone for an extra special long time. Then, they both come out (is this strength in numbers?) and tell me that the check is not ready, and it couldn’t be ready today, because they can’t print it.



Now is the time where Laura goes completely and utterly berserk. Up to this point, I was the model of decorum and politeness. Now, that version of Laura is all out the window. Gloves are off.

I begin to rip into both of these people, telling them that it was unacceptable, and how I’d been waiting weeks for my money because of some stupid “glitch” that they had to go and research and take longer to get me my money. I made a special trip out of my way (no lie here) and was promised that the item that I came for would be ready after 4.

They try to appease me…”It’ll be done first thing in the morning. We can have the store you rented from pick it up and deliver it to you at your place of business…”

NO. NOT ACCEPTABLE. YOU SCREWED UP. NOT THEM. It is not their job to deliver checks.

She tries to tell me that it is their job. I contend that it is not, and when something is promised, it needs to happen. Then I ask for a supervisor…no offense to her, but this is now beyond me being nice. This is now getting down and dirty.


Yes, I got loud. Yes, I think the entire office heard me. I was going for that. I was polite in my language..trotted out all of my large words. Unacceptable, waste of time…all of the usual hair triggers…and the biggest? “Do I need to call corporate RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW?”

So, a perfectly coiffed girl comes out of the back and tells the two that she’ll take it from there, and she’ll take care of me. Then, she trots back to her office and the guy offers me drinks, ect…and I politely decline. I just want my check and to get out of there and NEVER, EVER deal with these fools again.

So, it is now almost 4:30. I’ve been in this office longer than I should have, and am more irritated than I ever should have been in this case. Ever.

Miss Perfectly Coiffed comes out (and meanwhile, Miss Banana has gone and changed for her workout, not even acknowledging my presence or the presence of the small boy zooming cars around the office…) with a handwritten check saying “just so you don’t think they were lying to you, they didn’t realize we could do this. This is a manual check. If you have any problems cashing this, please have the bank give me a call. Here is my name and extension.”

I asked if I needed to sign anything to prove I got it, or they needed to see my ID to prove it was me. She said no on both counts.

Now, for the record, I didn’t think the first two were lying. I think that this accounting department had NO INTENTION of doing anything until until tomorrow…until I started yellng and getting loud and nasty. I just think the pencil pushers didn’t want to do a basic function of their job…refunding me my money that had been in their clutches for quite an extended period of time.

Once I cool down, I’ll begin drafting the letter to accounting to tell them what slime they are and then to corporate to tell them what happened in North of East Nowhere.


But after the fight, I’ve got my money. And a headache.

and I still hate Midas. But that’s another story for another day.


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  • 1. sjsmart  |  December 3, 2008 at 8:13 am

    The song, “Only You” entered my mind for some strange reason. You are a shitty customer service magnet.


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