Green Apron tales-Would you like a nervous breakdown with your coffee?

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This week has been insane at the bux. my brain is on serious overdrive. So, let’s just discuss what has gone down over the past 3 days on my shifts. Seriously. I think I’m the magnet for obnoxious and wackjob people.

Wednesday, I walked into a zoo. Seriously. Poor FloridaShift and VetChick were attempting to cover all of the positions, because one of the other baristas no called-no showed. Yeah. Fun. When FloridaShift said “hey Laura-I need you NOW. I was praying you’d wander in early for a drink…but no such luck!” I knew it was going to be a moment. We ran super lean and made it through until Big W showed up and became person #4.

That was a busy, crazy morning, but let’s just jump to Thursday. That was when the entire load of fun hit the fan.

I rambled on in at 6:15-ish for my shift and locked in for another day of livin la vida DTR. I figured that since it was Thursday, we’d be as busy as always, but nothing to really write home about. BOY was I wrong. Seriously wrong.  So wrong that it’s just not even explainable.

So, here goes.

First, we got slammed. Seriously slammed. I needed a hug and a helmet, because I had a line of cars no smaller than 5 deep at all times. Most times, it was no smaller than 7 deep. And they kept coming…and coming..and coming.

VetChick was on Bar for the morning rush. She’s new-ish and still perfecting her speed…and she’s well…hrm…interesting. I adore her, don’t get me wrong, but she slams down drinks on the DTR hand off, so I’m spending time cleaning off lids or changing lids at the request of customers and my own twitch-factor.

Well, first customer in is a regular and she is the first one to kvetch to me regarding how slow the DTR is. I explain we’ve got one of the new people on bar and she’s really working on it. She understands, but still complains.

Then it happened. I started getting kvetch after kvetch after kvetch after kvetch about how slow the DTR was and how we needed to move it faster. I am TRYING to keep my composure here. Seriously TRYING to keep it together, but am fast losing my patience. Especially when the ding-a-lings keep coming and I’m forced to juggle making drinks (because poor VetChick is getting slammed) , placate customers and still take orders. Then, FloridaShift got all into my space. I love her to death, but she was all in my space. She was going at me about the stupid order board, and then was all in my way. THEN, VetChick tried to hand off drinks and touch my till. NO THANK YOU! NO! GO AWAY! BOTH OF YOU!!!

While this was happening, I got an order. She gets to the window and I open the window and say “Hi!” try to confirm her order…and she does the grand mama of all rude things-she tells me to SHUT UP. No, not kidding.

Charming, no?

What was she doing that was all important that she had to mistreat the poor, stressed out Drive thru girl?


Talking on her cell phone. Yes. Having a Cell phone conversation. She wordlessly hands me her debit card, I run it, hand her the drinks and off she goes.


Now ready for the chutzpah of this woman?


She came back 5 minutes later into the store and complained that her drink was wrong. She complained that we had sweetened her tea, and she didn’t want it sweetened. She tried to apologize for being rude, but the damage was done. Seriously, the damage was done when she told me to SHUT UP. That is never appropriate. I don’t care who you are…when I open the window, I’m saying hi, confirming your order so I don’t hand you the wrong drink, getting your money and sending you on your way on a busy morning.


So, all of this put together put me into a nervous breakdown on my 10 minute break. Tears and all. I don’t go there much, but the evil customers giving me hell for the bar, the stupid rude people…there’s only so much one poor Barista can take. I even asked SeniorShift to pull the “you’re fired” maneuver so I could go home. She told me there was no such luck in that one. Dang. I tried.

But I survived. And conquered Toys R Us that day. Yes, I’m that much of a glutton for punnishment…but if I can survive DTR, I can survive TRU.


So, let’s go to today.

First, let’s just get this out there-since we’re in this crap economy, they’ve got to cut labor-which means we only get a half hour instead of 45 minutes to open the store. Yeah. that went into effect oh, today. Notice no one told Laura, who had to open this morning,a nd could have gotten a whole 30 minutes more of sleep! Instead, I was waiting in my car for 15 minutes for CentralShift to show up. Now, since I didn’t know that this was the new deal as of, oh, today, I spent 15 minutes freaking out because I didn’t know that CentralShift was coming. I figured something had happened to her or one of her kiddles.




Then, we got all of the “specials” of the world again. Seriously. Do I have a sign on my head?


Here’s the choice moment of the day:

I accidentally handed the wrong drink out. I noticed it and went to pull the person at the window a new coffee. During this time, the person who got the wrong drink walks in…and before she can say anything I said “Trade ya!” and she got her mocha.

Now, I walk over to the window with the fresh, new coffee that I’ve pulled for this person. This witch at the window had the audacity to say to me:

“I want a fresh cup of coffee. You’re giving me the one that she just handed you.”

I told her in the politest way I could (before grabbing the ASM…) “Ma’am, I would never hand out a returned beverage. This was the coffee I was getting for you before she walked in. It would be quite disgusting and completely against health code for me to hand you that drink, as she’s probably already drinken from it.”

Woman looked at me, and said “Well, is this a fresh cup? Really? You’re not handing me HER cup?”


OMG. didn’t I just explain in great detail that I am giving her a new cup?


I swear…entitled and special.


I’m so glad I have what Isaac calls a “stay home day” tomorrow. I need it.


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