Wiper games, or Why Midas can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

December 18, 2008 at 10:49 pm 1 comment

Remember the rental car debacle?

Yep. It gets better…


So, let’s start with the backstory and how I ended up at Midas and got into this whole mess in the first place.

To review:

During worst rainstorm of the year, my wipers went. I was driving with the windsheild like I was under water. I limped my poor Adventuremobile to the nearest repair shop, which happened to be Midas. I told them what the deal was and they took a look at it. They found the wiper transmission cracked and in need of repair. Saturns don’t break cheap, people. So, this hit me to the tune of 400.00.

So, the first thing that went down was on the day I was promised my car, I called and they said it would be ready around noon. I said I’d be there around 3:30, because that was right after I got off of work. They said fine.

Well, I get a message that oh, now the wiper MOTOR that was working in perfect order when I dropped the car off has gone dead…and they want another 275.00 to fix that too. If I didn’t pay that, I only had high wipers and not low or intermittent.




No, stop touching my car NOW. Right stinkin now.

So, I get there and the manager tells me that I’ll be happy because he rebuilt my wiper motor, because there was a diode burnt out.


HRM. Let’s see. Let’s all guess who we think did this….


Could it be..perhaps…

MIDAS screwing with the wipers and burning that diode themselves?

Oh, and did I mention my car was RUNNING when I got there because they had killed my battery screwballing with the wipers?
Yeah. Smart folks. Seriously.

So, during the ice storm, after chipping an inch and a half of ice off of my windshield upon leaving the ‘Bux, I tried to turn on my wipers.

Lo and behold…the passenger side one bit the dust. Yep. It wanted to move and wanted to move…but didn’t. At one point it went halfway…and then puked out again. Thank goodness it was the passenger side.


Do you know how dorky you look with ONE wiper working? Seriously. As if I’m not dorky enough…


but so, when the hoohah from the storm died down enough that it was safe to deal wtih the wiper without worrying about power, ect (and we know how that went…but I digress again.) I ran my car up to Midas. My feeling-they fixed it wrong the first time, they’ll fix it right.


Oh, and I made a call the day prior because I wanted tehm to know I was coming in and I was NOT paying for any repairs that they needed to make for this car at all related to the wipers. Sorry-I just didn’t shell out 400.00 to them for the work to break in 30 seconds. Seriously.


So, I bring it in

and wait.


and wait


and wait.

and wait some more.


So, finally after an extended wait time, dude comes out and asks me to look…and tells me there were bolts loose.


Then he insults me by saying:
“You know, you have to scrape your windsheild before you turn on your wipers, or a bolt will come loose.”


It was all I could do not to slap this guy. I politely explained that I scraped all of the ice off my windsheild before I turned on my wipers…and this was the first time that I had used them since the fix.


what, am I some stupid idiot girl? Seriously.


First they burn out my wiper motor and try to tell me it was part of the initial problem that they so convieniently couldn’t find when they tested the system.
Second, they lie to me  about the price of the rental car. Yeah..they told me that it would be 9 .00/day for the car. NOT what I paid…but we’ve been through this. So, we won’t go there again.


Third, they accuse me of being a stupid girl and breaking my own wipers, when according to all mechanics worth their salt, they screwed it up.


So, Midas can take it and stick it. They’re not touching my car again. Ever.


Entry filed under: annoyances, cage rattling, customer service.

just when you thought it was safe to go home.. Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

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  • 1. sjsmart  |  December 29, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Don’t Saturn’s come with Road Side assistance anymore?


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