Oh, Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

December 19, 2008 at 12:17 pm 1 comment

I need to get this out in the open-Doug is a scrooge. Seriously. It takes me from the time Thanksgiving is over to almost JUST before Christmas to get him to drag the Holiday bin down with all of the decorations. It usually takes me threatening to go to the dollar store and re buy all sorts of decorations before he concedes defeat and allows me to decorate the house. This year, it took me going to the dollar store for something and picking up some new clings for the window-and Isaac’s window in his room. I came home wtih classic Mickey for the door (We have 6 window panes on the door) and Scooby Doo and new-school Mickey for Isaac. He looked at me and then conceded defeat in the all out decorating war.

So, this past weekend, we were both off on Sunday. I was thawed from the Polar Plunge and ready to decorate. Isaac had finally spazzed out enough that Doug was ready to drag the stuff down.


Ok, why don’t I drag this stuff out myself?

Simple. Doug’s got it buried in the crawlspace under a ton of his electronic “treasures” (Read: old record players and projectors) and I’m afraid of breaking them. I just don’t want to hear it. Seriously.


So, we put on the music-John Denver and the Muppets, a serious family tradition that I foisted on Doug, and went from there.

We decorated our tree with all sorts of ornaments…including our non-traditional topper-

It's Olive-the Other Reindeer!


And as I hung ornaments, I started to think about all of the stuff we hang on the tree and decorate our house with. So, let’s take a tour…

Prospero ano y felicidad! Yipa!

 This mouse was given to me by Sidekick in…no joke ..1992. We’ve been friends for longer than that. Wow. Shows our age…and our love for cute things..and her knowledge of my need for Latin themed items.

Let’s continue the tour, shall we?

Look! Dorothy!

 Mom made this for me. Lovingly crafted for my love of the Wizard of Oz. There’s a Tin Man, Scarecrow and a Cowardly Lion
Go Mom. Be crafty.

And note the tablecloth…Sidekick made that for us a while ago…it’s PEANUTS and has Franklin on it…and Pig Pen. Two of my favorite Peanuts characters!

Then, there are the ornaments we use as display pieces. This one is a favorite of ours…

It's Stuck! It's Stuck!

 Who doesn’t love the flagpole scene. The only thing that would be better is if they had the pink bunny pajamas…but I digress.

So, then, there are the ornaments from my ‘rents tree. These are ones I’ve always loved…or made fun of.

Let’s just get the making fun of out of the way now.

Hello, TACKY!

First let me start with what Mom made me promise to say to allow me to take the photo:

“This is a beautiful ornament, lovingly handmade.”

There. I said it. Obligation over.


Really…My sister and I forever called this the Tacky Ornament, and would find a place to hide it. We would fight to see who could get it first and hide it somewhere on the tree.

I think I’d have problems if that ornament disappeared.

The next one is a favorite on my ‘rents tree…

This is the toy shop…the neatest ornament on the face of the planet. It’s one of those that you can see through both sides.


But this is what my tree and my ‘rents tree is all about. All sorts of fun.

oh, and you know what we do while we decorate the tree?

Multicultural carolers!


Aren't they cute!


We sing all sorts of wrong Christmas songs…

We three kings of orient are…

smoking on a rubber cigar.
It was loaded, and exploded…


We two kings of orient are

smoking on a rubber cigar.

it was loaded and exploded…


I one king of orient am

smoking on a rubber shazam.

It was loaded and exploded…


Silent night…


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  • 1. knittymuggins  |  December 20, 2008 at 12:14 am

    Happy Holidays Laura!

    Remember me? Sorry, I got away from reading blogs quite so much this summer….. But I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you’re well! Have you been watching Pushing Daisies? So sad that they’re canceling it 😦

    BTW: I love your tree topper! Olive the Other Reindeer is one of my all-time faves!! Hope you’re doing well & have a very Merry Christmas!!


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