Midas-Now, I want my money back. Seriously.

December 21, 2008 at 9:22 am Leave a comment

On Friday, I was driving to get Isaac in the almost white-out conditions that the first GOOD blizzard of the year provided. (Did I mention I hate snow? Did I? Oh, but I digress.) When the same thing happened to the driver’s side wiper that happened to the passenger side wiper.

Yep. NOT kidding. So, I’m driving in this horrid snow, with only the passenger side wiper working, and the driver’s side wanting to work, but not working. So, after I do all of the freaking out, I realize there’s a Midas on the way to Isaac’s school, not too far away. So, I pull my car in there and tell them the whole story. I also tell them that any charges that this repair incurs will be billed to the original Midas that completed the work. The manager looked pretty flabbergasted when I said that. I repeated myself for clarity. I wanted him to know I wasn’t kidding.

Yet again, it was another bolt that had come loose. I was again accused of cleaning my windshield improperly. Umm…the stuff was freezing on contact.  It was driving snow. OF COURSE there would be stuff under the wipers. It’s not my fault that they didn’t tighten the wipers enough to withstand a snowstorm.

So, I called the Midas that did the initial work. I told them I was NOT happy and they would be hearing from me about getting at least a portion of my money back. There were no words on the other end.

I am QUITE done with Midas. They will never, ever touch my car again. I am beyond through with the patronizing and the stuff that they’ve fixed breaking the first few times they are used.

So, this week, when I am calm enough to write this letter, it will be drafted and fired off to them.  I at least want the labor portion back. They obviously didn’t do a proper job. I’ll pay for the part, but NOT the labor. And also, I think I may also throw in that I’m sick of being treated like I’m stupid.

I hate Midas.


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