Vacation Grading-or the perils of asking for a project before break

January 1, 2009 at 6:50 pm Leave a comment

I’ll be honest. I showed a movie in my class because I knew nothing else would get done. Seriously. I also attached a very large project to it for the upper grades. I asked that the first portion be turned in right before break. 8th grade got a reprive, because they got socked with a snow day and a half day when they were supposed to turn their stuff in.

So, I took home a bunch of projects from grades 6 and 7.


and needless to say, I am MISSING tons from kids and there are a few standouts in the  “umm..what have you been doing in my class for 3 weeks?” department.

Let’s just start with the obvious-Putting the same thing on 7 pages will not get you full credit. At all.

Yes, this was done. I was going through one student’s timelne of events and whammo-the SAME THING on oh, at least 7 different pages. The line at the end of each page: “and that was the technology they had in (insert year here)”

So, I read a bit closer into her project. Did you know that a new technology in 1985 was light bulbs?

Yeah, Light bulbs.

So, exactly WHAT were you doing in my class for the time you were supposed to get this done?


I was quite sad. I had to stop grading. It actually pained me to grade. I put down my Chai in complete exhaustion.

So, then, Since I was grading at the ‘bux, ASM (I have to get him a permaname…haven’t figured out a good one yet…unless he wants to suggest one for himself…)asked me if I had any good ones in the batch. I wasn’t sure, so I dug.

I came out with one from a student who I THOUGHT was screwing around in class…but was really working…and researching! Holy Cow!

The sucker was beautiful-perfectly spelled, fully detailed and even reeked of the full requirements! WOW!

Ok. Faith restored.


but I don’t want to continue grading for now. I’m just so scared I’ll find something else.


Ok. Someone remind me NOT to have a project turned in before break. It’s bad for the constitution of me. Seriously!


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