Green Apron Tales-Holy Schnikies! It’s COLD in here!!

January 3, 2009 at 6:50 pm Leave a comment

I’ve kind of been on a self imposed hiatus from blogging-just to get through the holidays and keep my toungue in check…but today, the Green Apron tales are back-so, grab that cup of Apple infused chai (oh, so yummy!) and enjoy the show!

So, it was was New Year’s day, we had the store open later (thank you Big W for the extra 2 hours of sleep! My body needed it!), which meant instead of showing up at 5 am, we had to show up at 7:30. Fine. All good…but I knew that there would be people banging on the door at the buttcrack of dawn demanding that we open. Seriously people-can’t you brew a pot at home? But I digress.

So, I met CentralShift there and she was already in the door-she had thought she had to be there at 7! Oh, poor thing. She was freaking out until she went int eh door and saw teh schedule…and w hammo-7:30. I came flying in through the back door, because we had an order come in.


Just a quick fact…the thermometer on the large law firm’s clock that I pass every day said…4 degrees…when I went in.


So, the store was a bit chilly. We both figured it was from the door. We cranked the thermostat and tried to pull the chill off. And pray that it would get warm..and pray. and pray. and pray.

I even went and turned on the DTR heater.

But it was still cold.


at one point, CentralShift said “You know, it’s 42 degrees in here!”

yeah. you all read that right. 42 stinkin degrees.

So, EmDawg comes in at around 9:30. She starts to take her gloves off…and then thinks better of it. And we all begin again about how cold it is…and the customers join us.

It’s quite sad when your barista is doing the following things:

1) walking around with a venti for here cup filled with a hot beverage and not drinking. This is strictly for keeping the hands warm.

2) Walking around with the pitchers of leftover steamed milk and not cleaning htem right away…again-keeping the hands warm.

3) handing you drinks without sleeves, because the heat from the drinks feels so good on the hands and your barista is so cold that they don’t know how hot that drink really is.

It was cold. Seriously cold. Nose running, find a warm spot and stand there cold.

and of course, we were running down a person due to scheduling and were slammed so that no one could even stop, breathe and make a phone call.  So we stood there and froze.

What bothers me about all of this, is that at first, we blamed it all on the delivery. But I knew in the back of my head it wasn’t that. We really should have closed down the store, because I swear, it’s a labor violation to work in a store that cold.

Secondly, we were slammed with 3 people on. I just can’t get my head around not having coverage for people when there’s a half hour break needed. Poor CentralShift never got her break. EmDawg and I tried and tried and tried to get her to take one, but she never could. It’s just not right.


Oh-I’ve been asked to blog my rules for DTR.

That will come when I’m feeling a bit better about the things that have gone down there the past few weeks…


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