iPod games, or why the Mac Geniuses earn that title.

January 12, 2009 at 4:31 pm Leave a comment

I’ve got this iPod-it’s a purple Nano. It’s all 16 gigs of wonder for me. It keeps me sane at work (in the lab when it’s just too quiet) and makes my drive to work really quite nice lately.

So, imagine my horror, when my poor iPod got a surprise bath in a cup of water…and promptly turned off. I was beside myself, as my day had just kind of been icky to that point…but this put me over the edge. I sobbed all the way to the bux, because I didn’t have my little, purple pod.

So, after I got home from a rotten shift…it was one of those days…I called Apple. I got hung up on several times, so I decided to call the store. We went through all sorts of troubleshooting and couldn’t get my ipod to boot up. It was a sad moment in Chez E. Nowhere.

I got on line and made an appointment with the Mac Geniuses for the next day, praying that my pod would boot up on its own and be JUST fine.  I also made it for one of the first appointments of the day, because who knows what that evil mall will be like anywhere later in the day.

I get there, and wander in. There are 3 people ahead of me-and some people were just being straight up stupid. You could tell that there was no troubleshooting done before they made their appointment with the Mac Geniuses. There were a lot of “oh, I didn’t realize that…” moments.

So, my turn comes up, and I get a Mac Genius with a shirt that said “If I was a reindeer, I’d be Fixin.” She introduces herself to me and then I give her my purple pod. I explain the entire story, about how it will only boot up and work while it’s connected to my computer and how I’m very sad about the entire thing.

So, she hooks it up to a mac there, reformats it (for the 2nd time in 2 days…) and gets it to turn on, work and even shows me that teh battery is full! Woohoo!

The only downswing of this fix is that I had to re-import all of my music.  Even that wasn’t a big deal, as I had everything already organized into playlists.


But seriously-you can’t beat Mac service-for the pod or the ‘puters.

So, of course, I can’t go anywhere without finding the hilarity of the world on full display.

Here’s what happened….

I was standing there waiting for my turn, oogling the neato docking stations and the skins for the Nan0.  This woman storms in, trailed by her 2 kids. She obviously is in a HUGELY terrible mood. The store was pretty busy, but the Mac Geniuses were moving at a good speed and were in all sorts of good moods.

Well, she asks me if I was in line for the Mac Geniuses. I asked her if she had made an appointment-and before I could point her to the girl int he orange shirt (who is the concierge), she yells: “I don’t have time for this crap. I don’t make appointments! I’m leaving!”


So, I look at the person behind me, because he’s laughing like an idiot at this woman. He looked at me and said “I guess she thinks she’s more important than the rest of us who made appointments.”


Amen.  Totally Amen.


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