Green Apron Tales-Crap I can’t make up.

January 17, 2009 at 7:35 pm Leave a comment

Seriously. I can’t make the stuff that’s happened over the past 2 days up.

I was telling Mom all of this stuff, and she said: “People are pathetic.” Seriously. They are. So, hold on to your hats…this is the crap I can’t make up that happens at the ‘bux.

So, I’m on the DTR as always.

here goes round 1:


me: Hi and welcome to ____________ ‘bux, What can I get you started today?

Freaky Tea lady (FTL) : I want a venti earl grey tea, wth 2 sweet and low, warm milk, and remove the teabag before you give it to me.

Here’s the thing-I would have TOTALLY understood this if there was a back up-people not wanting to have their tea be too strong…but realize, there was NO ONE in front of her, and the drive from the DTR speaker to the window is all of 30 seconds to a minute.

ASMElmo: (chiming in after a few seconds of attempting to figure out what this fool watned…) “We usually steep the tea for 3-4 minutes-do you want us to steep it for you at all?”

FTL: (getting super snippy and all sorts of yell-y) “LOOK. Put the teabags in. Put the steamed milk in. put the sweet n low in. Swish the teabags around a bit. TAKE THE TEABAGS OUT. Then, hand it to me.”

So, I made the stupid drink. ASMElmo handed it off to her, because I was on my way out the door. She gets all sorts of snippy with him, and says:
“Did you put the sweet n low in?”
ASMElmo asks me to confirm, because I made the drink…meanwhile, while he’s asking me, FTL is making nasty little comments that we can never get a drink right, we never put the sweet n low in, ect. So, ASMElmo does what we all wish we could do some days…

he looks at her and says:

“Did you need something else?”

She says no quickly and rolls up her window.


oh, and I did put the sweet n low in.


So, the other day, I’m back on the DTR, and we were out of the customer’s favorite pastries. She orders an oatmeal. I make it up, pack it up with the requested toppings and hand it to her…and then she asks the question that is just so stupid we all stopped in our tracks…and this is what made mom say that people are pathetic…


“Is the oatmeal hot?”


Yes, you read that right. She asked us if  the oatmeal was hot.

We all about stopped in our tracks…

FloridaShift, Mandapants and Training Buddy were all rolling eyes and making sarcastic comments after she was gone.


No, we keep the oatmeal in the freezer and then blend it into a slushie. Sure, you can have an oatmeal slushie.


Can I add this to my “stupid, stupid people ” list?


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