Now, I can stop worrying.

January 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm 1 comment

When we first moved back here, we lived in an apartment. When we moved in, we found out that we were living below people I went to high school with! HOLY SCHNICKES! We were thrilled, because their oldest is Isaac’s age, and we figured playmates! NICE!

Well, Soon, we started hearing knock down, drag out fights through our walls. With the windows open, we could hear all sorts of horrid stuff. There were nights I was on the phone with friends where they could hear everything. The screaming, the fighting…and there were days where my friend would come flying down the stairs and this would happen. There was even one morning she was banging on the floor screaming for me to call 911.

I did several times.

It bothered me to no end, because this was a friend of mine. One who I sat through high school classes with, one who was just so sweet and wonderful…and here she is screaming for me in utter terror.


So, finally, toward the end of our stay in that place, she left for good. The last we saw of her was her moving out her stuff. Doug saw her take her last load of stuff out as he was taking our last load from there to here. They talked and the two of us crossed everything crossable and hoped for the best.  That was two summers ago.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday.

After a long shift, the boys and I went out to lunch. I needed to do some “top shopping” for something to wear to the open house today. I figured we’d hit the mall, and wander as we tend to do. We went to lunch at Denny’s. Toward the end of the meal, a group was checking out. I looked up and there was my friend. I absolutely could not believe it.

So, after confirming with Doug that it WAS her, I called to her…and we ran for each other and hugged like we’d never hugged. Going through 911 calls will do that to 2 people!

Well, I found out that she officially divorced the jerk and the kids are thriving. She’s happy, and got a really good job. Things have really turned around for her and she’s safe, happy and her life is so much better.


Now, I can stop worrying about her. I know she’s good.

I’m so glad she had a happy ending…


Entry filed under: wow.

Overheard while watching the inauguration… Crash, bang, Kapow!

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  • 1. sjsmart  |  January 31, 2009 at 6:10 am

    I’m glad your friend found a happy ending.


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