Green Apron Tales-Stuck on Stupid

February 9, 2009 at 12:52 pm Leave a comment

Things have been pretty tame at the ‘bux lately…and that makes for no Green Apron Tales of substance. We’ve had your basic water filter problems, annoying people demanding breakfast sandwiches (which are coming in April…oh, bloody hell…but that’s another thing..) and the usual dimwited minutia.

This was until the other day. We got a rash of people who just took the cake in more ways than one.

CentralShift coined the term “Stuck on Stupid,” and it seems to fit. Seriously. The rash of people through the drive thru have gotten increasingly more and more insane as the weeks have gone on. Here’s a smattering of what I’ve encountered.

Stuck on Stupid the first:

It was 7:30 am. Woman orders a kid’s hot chocolate and a bottle of water. Total cost: 3.45. She hands me a 50.

Now, at this point on a Saturday morning, I don’t have enough change to break that sucker. Seriously. So, I ask her if she has anything smaller. She says no. I ask her if she has a card or some other form of payment…

and she says:

“No. I have MONEY.”

Oh, really! That’s what that is? Seriously? She got all 10’s 5’s and 1’s back and then had the nerve to ask me for a 20. Umm…those are locked in a drop box…so, no. I don’t have any. She got all huffy and went away.

Stuck on stupid the second:

I’m in the back, pulling pastries…and then all of a sudden, I see Drama Queen jump about 5 feet when she hears a horn blast…

“I didn’t know where the speaker was, so, I just pulled up.”

this woman has been at our bux several million times. She KNOWS where the freakin speaker is, and she knows that her coffee and food will totall 3.45. Yet, this is what she said, after I told her the total 5 times…

“So, how much is all of this? Isn’t that a bit expensive?”


Stuck on Stupid the 3rd

Pulls up to the window: ” I want a mocha-non fat, extra hot with whip!”

DTR person (who is not me): What size

Person repeats her order like we’re stupid 10 times.

For cripe’s sake-just give us the SIZE..SERIOUSLY. SIZE!!!

See? 100% stuck on stupid.


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Bad Answers, round 3 AFO-oh no!

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