Green Apron Tales-iPods and parental responsiblities

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This has been a week at the ‘bux. It was back to the normal grind of the week, teaching a few days and then slinging coffee the rest. It was all sorts of drama this week…

we had the usual rash of freaky customers, but none to really write home about. 

So, let’s start with Wednesday. 

Isaac hadn’t been feeling hot at all. He was kind of whiney, but we figured he just had a cold. So, we sent him to school. I went into bux. It was quite interesting. We had gotten super silly, and it being a Wednesday, it shouldn’t have been too bad.

Then, the calls came in. First, Drama Queen called out. That put us a person down, and that wasn’t fun. But, we dealt with it. Then, the second call came in. It was one of Isaac’s teachers, telling me that he had a 101.5 fever, and what did they want us to do with him?


ummm…Yeah..I’ll come and get him. 


So, I look over at Big W, and say “Isaac’s got a fever. How fast can I get out of here?”

Now, please realize that Big W has no kids. He has no clue what day care rules are (I enlighten him on at least a weekly basis…like when he asks me to stay until 6:30-day care closes at 6, and there’s at the least, a $1.00/minute late fee. He about fainted.) So his response to my request, sorry, demand, was to be expected.


Yes, seriously. 

I had to explain (quickly) that schools do not allow for kids with fevers of (usually) 100 to stay. they have to go home and then they can’t come back until they are fever free for 24 hours.

He kept looking at me in utter disbelief.

No, I wasn’t kidding either.


So, he finally got the message and I got my little sickie at school. Verdict on that one? Sinus infection and bronchitis. Icky.

Then, there was Thursday.

We’ve got a particular shift that is well, quite the person. She is so hot and cold, and does things that are just really out of line, especially in front of baristas. She won’t do it in front of any of the other shift supervisors or Big W. She pretty much sits there and texts her friends, and kicks it with customers, even when there’s about 2 tons of work to do. Every Saturday, the last hour of my shift is spent cleaning, because she doesn’t even want to lift a finger to do it. And don’t you dare question her, or you get all of the crap work or get sent home, just because.

So, Thursday, sh e did something that took the cake. She went on bar, and all of a sudden, I noticed she had ear buds in her ears. She had her ipod on. She was ignoring customers, making drinks with her ipod on. I was beyond shocked at mortified. She’s been with the company a while, and she hates it, and she wants to leave, but doesn’t know what else to do.

She spent the entire shift singing, telling us all that she needed to learn how to dance by Saturday so she could have a hot date and switching songs on her ipod.

Thank goodness she wasn’ t the shift that day. Not cool.


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