room painting, Isaac style

March 7, 2009 at 10:27 pm 2 comments

So, when we moved into this house, I repainted Isaac’s room, because before he moved in, it was a little girl’s room. Ick. All sorts of flowers, butterflies and girlie stuff. Bah. Ick. No place for a NASCAR loving, fire engine addicted boy.  


Due to the horrific winter we’ve had this year, the fact that Isaac’s room has exposed walls, and all of that, there is a specific area in the room where the paint has bubbled, cracked and peeled. ICK. This brought me to the conclusion that I needed to repaint the room. 


Since Isaac’s now old enough to express an opinion, and a loud one at that, I decided (or made the mistake depending on your opinion) of letting him choose the color of his room. So, as I do, I thought and thought and thought of how to do this…so, I packed him up and we went down to the Home Depot.  I told him we were going to look at colors for his room, and he got to pick what color we painted the room. 


So, we head over to the Depot with the awesome paint counter. The guy who runs the paint counter is just amazing. He’s the one who helped me get all of the stuff together to paint my zen room, and dealt with the freaky lady. He never, ever shirks off a question, spends all the time you need to make sure the job is done to the best of the ability of the painter. But that’s another post for later-I just don’t always rant on bad customer service, but I digress…


We head over to the wall of paint chips, and Isaac zeroes in on the disney line, which, as I found out in August, is the same price as the regular paint. SOO, I had no problem with his singular focus on those colors.
Isaac announced to me that he wanted to paint his room….


yes, Red. 


I about died. I offered him every other stinkin color in the palate, but nope, he wanted red. So, fine. Red it is.  


I now have to contend with what the pant guy admits is the hardest color to work with, but comes out strikingly beautiful. 

So, now Isaac wants to help me paint…and I’m a bit afraid of that with red paint…and we also have 3 red colors to pick from. 


it figures.


so, now, what do we do with the chair rail in Isaac’s room? Do we leave it white, do I pant it…I’m leaning toward painting it a different color, because I think red and white is just not what I’m looking for…and I’ve asked Isaac, and he’s back to his typical indecisive self, and as long as the room is red, he doesn’t care about anything else. 


So, it looks as if my spring break project is painting Isaac’s room! It figures! Maybe he’ll get painting with me, instead of when he helped paint my zen room, did three strokes and yelled “I’m DONE” and dropped the brush on my poor foot….


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. sjsmart  |  March 9, 2009 at 2:30 pm

    You could do them in primary colors….

    Red is the hardest color to do, but it does look great in the end. Make sure to take pictures…before, during, during, during and after. I’d plan on at least 3 coats.

  • 2. Misty  |  March 10, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    So what happens if I only need 1.5 2×4’s? LOL!! LOVE YA GIRL!!!


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