For cripe’s sake.

March 24, 2009 at 8:56 am Leave a comment

I’ve always known my darling child had a defiant streak. It has manifested itself in a lot of different ways over the years. Now, he’s into the “uh-uh, nope, I don’t want to” stage. Lovely. Fun, fine. All sorts of well and good, until it comes down to testing.

So, yesterday, Isaac told me that his teacher was testing him. Fine. No biggie. Happens every year. Well, I found out this morning that he was being defiant on several items! So, that would affect his scores on the testing.


Now, the director told me that they’ve never had a kid just go “Nope.” on a test. Never.


well, they’ve never had Isaac!

What scares me about this is that the idiot patrol that is the school district I live in has Isaac pegged for a specific classroom WITHOUT SEEING THE TESTING RESULTS! This plus what I’m hearing frightens me greatly. They are avoiding seeing him in action, and I’ve been demanding an integrated classroom, but they are actively avoiding that.




So, it’s either integrated at the public school, or I’m sending him to a local private school. I just cannot allow a self contained classroom.


For cripe’s sake. Why can’t this be easy, and why does all this drama happen (as always) before my birthday so I’m stressing? ARGH.


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