Green Apron Tales-I’ll do what I please. So there.

March 27, 2009 at 6:37 am Leave a comment

We’re down to 1 shift left. Frankly, because of the way this all went down, I’m just over it. Seriously over it. 

So, since I’m that over it, I’m in “I’ll do what I please” mode. I’ll say what I want, not care and go from  there. It works for other people around the ‘bux and they seem to all get stellar performance reviews. 

It floors me that some of the things are ok. For example, I worked a 4 hour shift yesterday, and I saw FloridaShift (who was in micromanage mode) on the floor for all of one hour. She spent the rest of the time in the back doing the pastry order and taking her sweet time on the banking. She even had the NERVE to tell me not to tell people I got fired. 


Umm. Really? 


yeah. I’ll do what I please. My information, My life, my tale to tell customers if they ask. Plus, to make matters worse with that statement, she had the nerve to say she didn’t know what happened to me, and it was her role as a supervisor to make sure confidential information didn’t get out.


Umm..yeah. Whatever. She needs a grip. 


So, in the vein of “I’ll do what I please,”  I told her exactly how I felt by being treated like one of her kids. NO THANK YOU. 


and technically, I didn’t get fired.  I pulled my own trigger, because Big W couldn’t. So there. Plus, when my child asks me when I have a  day off, you know it’s time to cut back. So there again. 


But, all is still insane at ‘bux. Vetchick came up with one of the best cup codes EVER.

A guy came in, orders a Carmel Apple Spice. Technically, the cup code for that is CAS. 

Vetchick wrote CRAP-CR=carmel, AP=apple. 

So, guy’s drink was labeled CRAP. 


Absolutely best.code.ever.


So, one more shift to go, and it’s all I’ll do what I please. Should be hilarious, as Vetchick says!


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For cripe’s sake. And I thought I’d seen the be all and end all of stupidness

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