Party questions-what’s a mom to do?

March 28, 2009 at 10:09 pm 2 comments

Since the announcement that darling child wants to have a birthday party and all of the reasons that it just is seriously more practical than tromping around my dinky little excuse for a house (that I’m still bitter about. no, don’t tell me to get over it. I just am. So there.), I’ve wavered back and forth on party packages that the place we’re going to offers. 

Since I’m holding the  party from 1:30-3:30, there is question 1:

Do we do pizza or not? Two of the  packages come with pizza. If we did do the pizza packages, we wouldn’t be eating said pizza until 2:30. All packages come with popcorn and soda or juice for each kid. Plus, we’ll be doing cake-I’m really debating on the ice cream. I’m thinking NOT.

Question 2:

Goodie bags-Do I make them myself or add them on? This place will do what they call “deluxe goodie bags” for 3.00 each. At this point, I have absolutely no stinkin idea what’s in these suckers, so I don’t know if they’re WORTH 3.0o each. I know for about the same, what I could do…but that leads me to this question:

the top package has a free return pass for each kid. Is that worth the difference in price? Oh-and I asked and can’t add those on without getting that top package. 


Question 3:

when I asked Isaac who to invite, he didn’t list anyone from his morning program..Do I ignore that fact and roll with it, or ask if he wants to invite a few kids who he’s been with for a few years?


Oy. my head’s going to explode. 

So, help me out, bloggy peeps! A tired, coffee-withdrawing mom doesn’t know WHAT to do!


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  • 1. TheAngelForever  |  March 29, 2009 at 8:43 am

    1 – Thanks to the late nature of the pizza time, I know I will be giving a small lunch before the party.

    2 – $3.00 is a lot per child, but if it looks decent and will save you time, that may be worth it.

    3 – The kids at the morning program will never know, and soon enough he will not be seeing them again. You never go to their parties, so don’t sweat it.

  • 2. Chris H  |  March 30, 2009 at 6:26 am

    1 – Skip the pizza – there’ll be plenty of other stuff – just be sure to let the other parents know that “dinner will NOT be served”. And save yourself the aggravation of ice cream. Again, there’ll be enough other stuff, and no one will be scarred for life if there’s no ice cream at this party.

    2 – They don’t need goodie bags, no matter who makes them. Buck the trend! Skip the goodie bags. (And we have NEVER had an opportunity to use a return pass for *any* of the places my kids went for parties, so I think it’s sooo not worth paying for that.) Over the years, about half the goodie bags have been left behind at the various parties my kids have given/attended. Why waste the money?

    3- I’m with The Angel Forever on this one.


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