What ever happened to camp for the sake of having fun?

March 31, 2009 at 8:43 am Leave a comment

For years, I did the whole summer camp thing. As a kid, summer camp was a time to chill out, make some new friends and really get away from the brain-drain that is acadamia. As an adult, working camp was a change of pace for me and again, getting away from rigors of brain drain. Plus, I got a decent tan sitting by the pool as a lifeguard. Can’t go wrong there!


So, this year, I think for the weeks that Isaac is off from his morning program summer session, we’re going to give him that break. He’s entering kindergarten, so a lot of places will take him at this age. Really, we’ve only got 2 weeks to account for this summer. And yes, I could so take those off, but for cripe’s sake, Isaac does tend to go batty, and does tend to need SOMETHING.


So, I started scouting out programs, because around here, if you don’t scout them out now, there’s most likely not going to be any room in them by the time you get around to May. So, as I’m going through the flyers and things and have noticed something that slightly alarms me-


Camps are now trying to compete with each other programming wise-who can have the biggest adventures, who can have the most dare-devil, high adrenaline experiences.
Really? What ever happened to having fun? Whatever happened to general camp programming? Why is it now all about the adrenaline kick? Even for FIRST graders, there is a general atmosphere of “adrenaline rush.”


Whatever happened to summer camp to turn off your brain and do things that are fun? Yes, there needs to be an element of trying new things-but for cripe’s sake-whatever happened to the good ol camp overnight to try your hand at cooking over an open fire? Why does it always have to be the high ropes course?


I don’t know. I just don’t know. I really want to know where having fun for the sake of having fun went.


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