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Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 2.5

Oh, boy. I came home from dropping Isaac off and got a call from the principal that I’d been waiting for. 

Now color me SUPER unimpressed. 


Here’s how it all went down….

I explained that I’d like to view both the regular kindergarten and the multi-age classroom to help make my choice as to what is most appropriate for Isaac. I also explained that I (as well as the school) was told that we could visit after the psych visit.


WEEEEEEELLLLL, the psych and team came and I’m still not able to go in and visit the classrooms, because the school hasn’t decided what is appropriate for my child and what isn’t. 


Really now? Why are we changing stories again? 


and then, it was brought up that the preschool was not being accomodating in allowing the psych to visit. 

yeah, right. 

The psych asked to come the NEXT DAY, then, the dates she was giving to the director were over SPRING BREAK. 

I let the principal in on that one too. She was flabbergasted. 

She admitted that she was new to the elementary school, and just got her first inkling of all of this in January when I started asking to visit. She’s blaming the hold up of all of this on Isaac’s current placement! Ummmmmm…NO. 

Stories are changing as fast as the weather around here. 

So, now I’m waiting for a callback from the head hancho at the district. I know she’ll call me back, because she knows I’m not a happy human, and in these situations, she’s ALWAYS called me back. Nice as she is, she’s quite the entertainment factor. 


I’m still super unimpressed.


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Special needs and kindergarten, take 2

After the mob visited Isaac at his current program, they informed me they wanted him to go through the kindergarten screening. 

Now, I’m reluctant to do this…remember the Catholic School visit fiasco? My child was a raving disaster for two days after. It was NOT pretty. Seriously NOT pretty.  I’m very afraid that he’ll fall apart, because he’s freaked out and not show all of his tricks to the evaluators. 

With all of this in mind, I get the date and time of the screening. It’s in 2 weeks, right through my work day. This means, because I work short hours due to Isaac’s school schedule on those days (Wed and Thurs) I have to take almost the entire day off, because it starts at 10:30, and will last approximately 2 hours. Oh, and according to the letter, we better be prompt. 

So, I’m not really too thrilled about this prospect. My kid has an IEP. He’s not dumb by any means, but has an IEP. He’s highly distractible, so if modifications are NOT made, he’s going to flounder. Argh. 

These are some of the things I’d love to talk to the principal about, if she’ll ever call me back. 

So, I’m gong to talk to the director of Isaac’s current school and see if we can bring some of the supports with us. You never know….

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How to impress me

Have me call your office on Thursday of last week, take a week to even consider calling me back-and when you do, call my child the WRONG NAME.  Then, when I return your call in a prompt fashion, refuse to call me back, after telling your secretary that you’ll call me back in 10 minutes.


color me SO impressed.

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Summer worries redux

So, Soccer camp was a mild bust. So were soccer lessons. I don’t think I can stay at a place where there is no protocol for “childhood events” with three year olds around and where there is nothing in writing of any sort-and emergency contact information is just down to a half sheet of paper with ONE phone number on it…as well as parents who allow their children to throw soccer balls point blank at other children’s faces and then allow them to continue playing and yell “Hustle, you numbnuts! The ball is over THERE!” No, Not kidding. Oh, and that kid who got hit point blank in the face? Yeah, that was Isaac. Behaving perfectly, I might add…


So, here we are again at the point where we’ve got a few weeks after school lets out for the break and before summer session starts, and then again between when summer lets out and Kindergarten starts. What do we do, what do we do…

Here are the options, as limited as they may be…

1. Keep him home, knowing that the whole house will be destroyed because of his bouncing off the walls.

2. Keep him at his aftercare program where he is now-they’ve got a summer camp, knowing I’m not too thrilled with the teachers, and they refuse to impliment any suggestions that I (or his morning program ) makes regarding his behavior modification and other items…as well as the teachers DO NOT communicate with each other.

3. Send him to the same chain in a different city, because the teacher we originally went with this center for transferred up there-he’s amazing with Isaac, knowing that there’s a 25.00 difference in price from one center to another. 

4. Find several different VBS type things for this time frame and pray that they work with either of our schedules…

So, what’s a mom with a kid with a receptive language deficit and sensory needs to do? Got any ideas for me? Got any other options besides the ones I’ve listed???


Help a girl out…

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Game Geeks-I don’t care WHAT Sony says!

Working at the large game chain I work at is so different but so the same from the ‘bux. Our crazy customers often use the PHONE to harass us and do their evil-doings.

So, here’s what happened:

The phone rings. I pick it up, and give the standard greeting and here’s how it went down:

Crazy Customer (CC) “I have this Playstation 3 and it just broke, and I can’t find the receipt. Can you reprint it, because I need it to send to Sony.”

Now, let me say, this initial request wasn’t insane. Just wait. It gets there quickly…

Me: (after asking the area manager who works at our store as a base store) I’m sorry, we can’t reprint receipts. We don’t have the capacity to do that with our current computer system.

CC: Really? You can’t?

Me: I’m sorry, but we can’t.

CC hangs up, slightly peeved.

15 minutes later….

Me: picks up the phone and gives standard phone greeting…

CC: Umm, yeah, I’ve got this PS3 that broke, and I can’t find the receipt, and I need it. You can reprint that right?

me: sir, No, I’m sorry, we can’t.

CC: Ok.

hangs up…realizing that it was the SAME PERSON he talked to 15 minutes ago…

45 minutes later….

CC: I just called a while ago, and I just got off the phone with Sony. They said you can fax them the receipt,a nd that would be just fine.

me: Sir, we can’t do that. We cannot reprint the reciept, and we do not have the capacity to fax anything to Sony.

CC: Well, Sony said you could. You need to fax it to Sony.

me: Sir, I’m very sorry, but we cannot do anything like that at a store level.

CC: Well, I just talked to Sony and they said you could do it. You need to fax the receipt to Sony!

me: Sir, like I said, we can’t do anything like that at a store level. Our computers are not configured to do this type of thing. Here’s our customer service number. If anyone can do anything for you, it’s them.

CC got really ticked off and hung up.

See? They don’t walk in. They use the phone for full out stupidity!

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Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 1

For months, I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall with the school district to get in to see the classrooms, specifically a multi-age classroom that Isaac might be pegged for. I have been ATTEMPTING to keep an open mind, but this has been the height of insanity. I started asking to see the classrooms in December, hoping for a January /February visit date. This way, I would know what to push for, and what to tell them to shove up their collective behinds. I have gotten the royal runaround. I was told that first, I couldn’t visit the classrooms until after spring break, because if they let me, they’d have to let the other million parents that wanted to view come in, and that would just disrupt the flow. Then, they told me that I had to wait until the school psych visited Isaac in his current program, which they had NO PLANS to do until the director of the school and I pushed for them to do so. 

So, the talking heads at the school district finally decided that it was high time that they went and visited my child. The main reason we pushed for a visit, is that he’s very messy looking on paper. Seriously messy. So, now they’ve shown up. They did their visit over at his current school…and the director felt it went well. Now comes the part where I almost want to tear my hair out over and over and over again over…they don’t know WHERE to place my child. I’m so shocked over this. I think I’m going to have a heart attack and DIE from that knowledge.


Will I be allowed to FINALLY see the classrooms now that it’s after spring break, and the team has seen my child?
I left a message for the principal of the school that he is registered at. It was 2:45, and NO ONE picked up the office phone. Hrm. Sounds all sorts of fun and games already…

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It’s why I do what I do

Tuesday morning, I sat down at my computer to find an email that was sent to me from a friend… Not the kind of email that I wanted to get at oh, 8 am. 

It gave me the news that one of my favorite professors had passed suddenly. It shocked me to the core, as I had just seen him not too long ago, and he was just fine. We’d even had a few conversations about things, and he really wanted me back in the classroom, even though I’d given that up at that point. 


So, to Dr. Bogan-

Let me say this-

I do a lot of what I do in my classroom because of you. I make pig books-tell kids to get them going-be creative. I put stickers on papers. I hang perfect score awards on my walls. I spell pilgrim correctly. I color in one direction. I see the spark of curiosity in my students’ eyes and try to nurture that. I read stories to my classes, because you’re just never too old for that, or the stickers for that matter. I laugh at myself. I challenge myself to do better than I did the day before. I try to be fair. I challenge my students to do their best at all times and learn something new. I try to make my classroom a safe place for them to do that. I remember that some kids just do things at their own pace, and as long as that spark of curiosity is there, they’ll be JUST FINE. 

Most of all, when I need to really make sure I’ve made the right choice, I often think WWBD. What would Bogan do? That usually makes more sense in my brain than most of my other hair-brained choices. 

I’m sad that more students won’t get to know you. Know your laugh, know your jokes, hear your stories and marvel at the amount they learn because you make it so much FUN. You apply everything to the real world, not the perfect world. 

And just so you don’t get to thinking that the students you teach are the ONLY ones you make an impact on-my husband came across one of my accordion books the other day, and said to me: “Hey-what are you going to do with this Bogan project?  I can’t believe you kept it all these years! I remember the week you made this!” 



Dr. Bogan, it was an honor, and a blessing to be counted as one of your students. I’ll miss you.

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