Game Geeks-Really?

April 10, 2009 at 6:58 am Leave a comment

So, yesterday, I pulled a shift at the large game establishment I work at. there are fewer insane customers, but the people I work with are JUST as certifiable as everyone at the bux. 

At the game establishment, we are required to ID people for games with an ESRB rating of M or AO. We really don’t sell AO (adults only) games, so, it’s really only M (mature) games. You need to be 17 or have a parent or guardian with you to purchase the games. It is clearly outlined when we start working at this establishment that if you fail to ID someone, and they are under the age of 17, you can be terminated for selling a rated M game to them. Hence, I ID everyone. If you are CLEARLY over 17, I won’t, but I tend to ID everyone. Just makes life easier. 

Well, yesterday I was behind the counter taking care of customers at the register, and a young boy, no older than 6 comes up with a used PS2 copy of Grand Theft Auto-Vice City in his hand. Yes, Grand Theft Auto. One of the most loaded with questionable content games of all time. Very popular, but seriously nasty. 

Well, small child has adult guardian with him, and since I was in the middle of helping another customer buy a Wii, one of the other game geeks took care of this crew. He looked at the adult who was with the kiddle (most likely Dad we guessed) and said “This game is rated M for strong sexual content, violence and adult language.” 

well, much to our shock and horror, the adult said “Oh, it’s fine.” AND PURCHASED THE GAME FOR THE SMALL CHILD!


Really? Seriously?


I’m praying that the game was a gift for an older sibling or someone, because there is no defense for allowing a child this small to play Grand Theft Auto ANYTHING.


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I just have to laugh at these freaks… Game Geeks-Can you just go away?

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