Game Geeks-Can you just go away?

April 11, 2009 at 7:33 am Leave a comment


So,the other night, I got roped into working the midnight launch of the Nintendo DSi. Cool system, relatively cheap in the grand scheme of things. No, I didn’t buy one. Really.  I spent most of the evening decorating for Game Days, where there are seriously dirt cheap games-and decent ones at that, and it needs to look SPIFFY. 

So, as I’m pricing the games, this student from a local university comes in and pays for his DSi. He then starts going through the games and starts driving me insane. Seriously insane. He spent time bothering me about what was in the sale bin versus what was on the walls…to the point where I just started asking other people if they needed help. He was following me around the store. Yes, AROUND THE STORE for stupid DS games. Ummm, they’re over there.

As I’m behind the register, trying to help someone else, the same guy comes up and asks if we have a specific game behind the counter. Person working with me looks it up in the computer and we’ve got it, and I KNOW  that I just saw it on the wall…so, unless a person has it in their hand, it’s there, where it should be. So, after creeping me out for a bit (and mind you, it’s 11:30 pm…) he pays for the game, gets his system and leaves. This makes room for the next yahoo….


So, second guy comes up with two games out of the game day bin. One is a DS game and the other is a PSP game. He asks me if I have a copy of the DS game, sealed. Both the MOD and I tell him we only have what’s out-we do what’s called “gut” the games so that they don’t walk out the door-therefore reducing our loss. He gets all huffy and says “But you TOUCHED the game!!” 


He purchases the game and leaves. Thank the good Lord. 


See? Not as freaky as ‘bux, but bad enough in their own right.


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Game Geeks-Really? Stupid Aetna.

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