So, has the director learned NOTHING?

April 11, 2009 at 6:40 pm Leave a comment

Have I mentioned that I hate this time of year for multiple reasons? First off, the weather is erratic and secondly, it’s IEP time. When I’m teaching sped, I hate it for the writing of them, because it’s time consuming and a headache at best. when I’m not teaching sped, I’m fighting with Isaac’s school to get him the programming he needs and asking them to trust me as I’ve trusted them. 

So, since we’ve had some recent fights with the day care that he goes to for his after care, I’ve decided to pull him out for the week. I’m using a “vacation week” where it’s half tuition and it’s not a big deal. 

No, I’m not insane. I’m not keeping him home for the week. I still have 2 days of game geeking to do and I’d like to get a few things done this week…so, I sat around debating what to do with him for the week. I debated and debated and debated. it was then I stumbled upon this place in the area that does what they call “action camp”-they are primarily a soccer facility, but they can house much more. They take kids from age 3 through age 12! Holy cow!  So, then, I looked at the price…right in our range…and it includes food, drinks and snacks! Even better. 

So, I was telling Isaac’s school director about this, and she gave me a skeptical eye and asked why not Tae Kwon Do? 

Umm..yeah. No. I can just see my highly distractible child trying to get into the weaponry, and refusing to stand still. Yeah. That would go over like a lead balloon. 


I looked at the director and said “really? You expect him to do martial arts with no AFO’s? You really want me to make multiple hospital runs because he gets whapped?” 

She looked at me…

and then I dropped this:

“I need you to trust me that this is a good thing to try. At first, you didn’t want him in the classroom he is in now, but look at how well he’s doing. Like I said last summer to you and the team-if this doesn’t work, we’ll punt.”


So, today, the place had an Easter egg hunt! Neato bandito! Isaac spent a good hour running around one of the fields and kicking a soccer ball with disgustingly good accuracy. Take that PT who doesn’t ever communicate with me and has my child pulling shenanagins on her! He ignored all of the distractions, followed instructions and then asked to go back and play more! 


He looked like any one of the kids out there and is so excited to head back for camp on Tuesday. 


So, has the director learned NOTHING since Isaac’s been there? Has she learned nothing if not to trust me on some things? 




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