Headcount woes

April 15, 2009 at 4:00 am Leave a comment

So, since the Monkey made the announcement a few weeks ago that he wanted a birthday party (ARGH!), I’ve done all of the prep and all of the headache that comes with the planning process. I have had one huge challenge in all of this-the headcount. 

Isaac told  me who he wanted to invite-and I did that, with a 2 week window to respond. I left both my phone number and my email that I can access at school while I’m teaching. SO, there was absolutely no excuse why it couldn’t have been done on time. 

Now, just because I’m an uberidiot and didn’t notice that my deadline was EASTER, I gave it an extra day. Hey-I was a bit more focused on making sure this didn’t hit anywhere in Passover so TheAngelForever‘s NHL could eat cake at the party! That’s a yearly worry, as NHL and Isaac are quite the pair together….

So, I gave it until late Monday-checked my email like 5 times and then checked my answering machine oh, about 10 times, as at this point, I still had 3 responses outstanding on the party. Bah. For cripe’s sake, I had even gone to the director of the school that Isaac goes to for aftercare (that’s where he invited most of his friends from… I didn’t push the morning program issue.)and she had asked those people to CALL or EMAIL! Argh!  I called the place where we’re having the party, and gave them the head count, and told them I was STILL waiting on a few responses, and I wasn’t sure if they were going to just show up or not. She assured me that it was going to be perfectly fine if they did, because we’re not doing pizza, and that they would have some extra goodie bags made up for us, just in case. 

I figured we were all well and good…until last night. The call came in at 5:11 pm-one of the parents called and confirmed her child will be attending…ARGH! COME ON! Deadline was Sunday! I took responses until MONDAY!  Yesterday was TUESDAY! 

So, knowing what I knew, I called her back and and left her a message saying that it was all good, that we’d see them on Sunday. 


I just don’t get it. I really don’t get it. How can people ignore a deadline that’s in writing, with multiple ways to contact the hosts, and then expect that it’s gong to be all good? My uncle went through this with his wedding and his wife’s bday party. Now, here I am, adding kids to this party at the last second. Here’s hoping I have enough cake…I ordered a a quarter sheet from Hannaford…



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So, has the director learned NOTHING? Happy 5th Birthday, Monkey

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