Summer worries redux

April 28, 2009 at 11:39 pm Leave a comment

So, Soccer camp was a mild bust. So were soccer lessons. I don’t think I can stay at a place where there is no protocol for “childhood events” with three year olds around and where there is nothing in writing of any sort-and emergency contact information is just down to a half sheet of paper with ONE phone number on it…as well as parents who allow their children to throw soccer balls point blank at other children’s faces and then allow them to continue playing and yell “Hustle, you numbnuts! The ball is over THERE!” No, Not kidding. Oh, and that kid who got hit point blank in the face? Yeah, that was Isaac. Behaving perfectly, I might add…


So, here we are again at the point where we’ve got a few weeks after school lets out for the break and before summer session starts, and then again between when summer lets out and Kindergarten starts. What do we do, what do we do…

Here are the options, as limited as they may be…

1. Keep him home, knowing that the whole house will be destroyed because of his bouncing off the walls.

2. Keep him at his aftercare program where he is now-they’ve got a summer camp, knowing I’m not too thrilled with the teachers, and they refuse to impliment any suggestions that I (or his morning program ) makes regarding his behavior modification and other items…as well as the teachers DO NOT communicate with each other.

3. Send him to the same chain in a different city, because the teacher we originally went with this center for transferred up there-he’s amazing with Isaac, knowing that there’s a 25.00 difference in price from one center to another. 

4. Find several different VBS type things for this time frame and pray that they work with either of our schedules…

So, what’s a mom with a kid with a receptive language deficit and sensory needs to do? Got any ideas for me? Got any other options besides the ones I’ve listed???


Help a girl out…


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