Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 2.5

April 30, 2009 at 2:08 pm Leave a comment

Oh, boy. I came home from dropping Isaac off and got a call from the principal that I’d been waiting for. 

Now color me SUPER unimpressed. 


Here’s how it all went down….

I explained that I’d like to view both the regular kindergarten and the multi-age classroom to help make my choice as to what is most appropriate for Isaac. I also explained that I (as well as the school) was told that we could visit after the psych visit.


WEEEEEEELLLLL, the psych and team came and I’m still not able to go in and visit the classrooms, because the school hasn’t decided what is appropriate for my child and what isn’t. 


Really now? Why are we changing stories again? 


and then, it was brought up that the preschool was not being accomodating in allowing the psych to visit. 

yeah, right. 

The psych asked to come the NEXT DAY, then, the dates she was giving to the director were over SPRING BREAK. 

I let the principal in on that one too. She was flabbergasted. 

She admitted that she was new to the elementary school, and just got her first inkling of all of this in January when I started asking to visit. She’s blaming the hold up of all of this on Isaac’s current placement! Ummmmmm…NO. 

Stories are changing as fast as the weather around here. 

So, now I’m waiting for a callback from the head hancho at the district. I know she’ll call me back, because she knows I’m not a happy human, and in these situations, she’s ALWAYS called me back. Nice as she is, she’s quite the entertainment factor. 


I’m still super unimpressed.


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