Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 3

May 3, 2009 at 8:40 am 1 comment

After bucking the runaround up to the district level, because I had this sick feeling I was going to get nowhere fast with the principal at the public school, I called a private kdg. We played phone tag for a day, and then we finally connected. I’m going to visit on Tuesday to see that kdg. 10-11 kids and therapists built in to the day. Hrm. Sounds intriguing. 

So, after that call, I see the number of the public school come up. I took a deep breath and answered the phone. First I got party line about how I was going against the process of placing kids in kindergarten, but then, I reiterated that I was told after spring break and after the psychologist visited. So, she goes on to tell me although Isaac hasn’t been officially recommended for the k-2 room, I’m going to be allowed in because of the misinformation I received. Ususally, they have parents wait for the report to come through and for the team to make their recomendations. Yeah, right. Seriously. I can’t believe they make parents wait until almost June to go visit a classroom. I can’t believe parents wait quietly that long…but that’s just me. 

So, unimpressive principal took my email (because I thought the teacher wouldn’t be getting back to me until Monday at some point, and on Mondays, my schedule is jammed-I don’t even get a potty break!), and told me that the teacher would get back to me on Monday. Ok. Fine. I’m all good with that. Email for me on weekdays is the way to go. 

Well, imagine my shock when I opened up  my email this morning, and there’s an email from the teacher! Holy cow! It was time stamped 20 minutes after I got off the phone with unimpressive principal! She gave me her home and cell phone number to call her to set up a time. I’m quite floored that she gave someone she doesn’t know both of those numbers…and I was  reluctant to call her over the weekend. As a teacher, I know how precious weekends are. 

But, I picked up the phone and called her. We chatted for a few minutes and I gave her days that were good for me. 

Here’s the kicker-she asked me to bring Isaac. I told her I was gun shy, because of the Catholic school fiasco that had happened, and I detailed it to her, and she completely understood, and was just as appalled as I was with the whole situation.

I explained to her that I’m not gunning for a particular classroom, but before D-day, I need to have every last option on the table for Kindergarten. She completely understood and is going to get back to me on Monday with what’s good for her so I can come in.


Now, the big issue-do  I bring the boy or what?


I’m not bringing him to the visit to the private K on Tuesday, and I won’t unless I select it, and want him to see it.


Can we be done with this choice thing already? really?


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Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 2.5 May the 4th be with you!

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  • 1. amey  |  May 3, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Is there any chance the teacher would be open to you popping in for a little while one day and bringing isaac back on another? you might be able to tell in a quick (15 minute, back of the room) observation if isaac will freak out about anything, and if not, plan for the “with the boy” visit after.

    The teacher might not want all that disruption, I know.

    Another option would be to see if another adult could go with you and keep isaac on the playground or something until you send a quick message letting isaac’s buddy know it’s okay for him to come up (or that it won’t be okay, but that you still want to observe).


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