Kindergarten and special needs, take 5

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Drumroll, please!

It’s time for…


Please note: I did not bring my camera along with me to document the hilarity/fiasco/stupidity that would be ensuing. 


Isaac was #1 on the list, and allowed me to put on his compression vest for him (sensory support for proprioceptive input..) and wander into the gym for the screening.

Immediately he was nametagged, picture taken for reference and then immediately taken to the phys ed section of the test.

I was NOT happy with this-for cripe’s sake, they see the kid who is wearing a compression vest and a set of AFO’s and you’re making him jump and hit a target? Really? It’s just so stupid and pointless to make a kid do something that you know darn skippy well they can’t do. What is the point of this? I’d really love to know.

Then, he went to the other side of the room, that was closed off by the gym wall, and was given the rest of the screening. I was not privy to 90% of it, but saw the teacher of the classroom I visited…hrm…


So, I waited and waited and waited, and I heard Isaac give his ‘No thanks” statement a few times when he was asked to do things. that was quite hilarious. The screeners were saying “at least he’s polite..” well, darn skippy my kid is polite!


I did get a chance to talk to the PT and OT about Isaac, his needs and his sensory supports that he requires to be successful. The OT thought he could do more vest time, but I don’t know. He’s been quite successful with just the hour a day of compression time-I don’t know what increased time would do. It just doesn’t seem totally needed to me, but what do I know. 

The PT was very interested in Isaac. She kept calling him a “pepper pot” and trying to find solutions that would work to keep him in district instead of going to a private Kindergarten, because she wants him on her caseload. Imagine that-someone wants my child rather than wants to find a way NOT to deal with him! Go figure! 

And as of right now, she’ll probably get her wish. I’ve  been all over in my head about the payments for the private kindergarten we loved so much. It’s 212.00/week and I just don’t know if I can swing that. As much as we loved it, 8500/year is just almost too rich for our blood. We’re scraping to pay the tuition right now for aftercare. It’s almost exorbitant…but what can you do? 

If I sent him to where I work, the payments per month would be 310.month-that’s a 502.00 savings. Yes, you read that right. 502 per month. That’s just a lot of money. 

So, right now, we’re back to square one. Public school (where I’m not sure I want him..but we’ll see at the meeting) or private over at the school I work at-wonder what I have to do to get services out of the district that my school is in because it’s not our home district…hrm. Must look into that. 


So, the big IEP meeting is in just over a week. Am I in freak mode? YES. Am I going in loaded for battle? Yep. I don’t want a kindergarten repeater-this would be absolutely crushing to Isaac-especially if they let his therapy get in the way of his academics. With a half day program, and the head of the CPSE/CSE’s lack of wanting to give us a full day program, this is what’s going to happen. ARGH!

I so want this to end. Like I keep saying-it shouldn’t be this hard to go to Kindergarten. It really shouldn’t.


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