Special needs and Kindergarten, take 5.2

May 28, 2009 at 8:25 am Leave a comment

Another installment of “where does Isaac go to Kindergarten??” is here! 

This was an unexpected installment, because I thought I had it all figured out until Wednesday, when the IEP meeting hits. Yeah. Notice the word thought. 

So, here goes…

We had pretty much ruled out the private kindergarten because of cost. It was astronomical, enough to make everyone and anyone choke. So, after crunching some numbers, we decided that we couldn’t swing $850/month for one year of kindergarten, as wonderful and super as this place may be. 

Yesterday, I was home, getting Doug all recovered from some oral surgery (he was SOOOO looped out!), when I got a phone call. It was the director of private kindergarten. Umm..I thought we had said no….

WELL, she was calling to do something that she’s never done before…offer a scholarship to a child-and that would be MY child for kindergarten next year. We’re looking at tuition that would be on par with the private school I work at, the aftercare programs that I would need for Isaac next year and pretty much everything else under the sun. 


So, now, my perfectly honed plan has gone into tizzy fits and screams. And I have to make a choice by Friday. 



Oh, and you think the school district has given me any sort of heads up on what their recommendations are for Isaac?

Nope. Not a clue. 

So, I’m getting ready to call the school psychologist and find out what their ideas are for next year, as I have to know by tomorrow. Plus, it’s disgustingly unacceptable that I have no idea what their idea of the plan is right now, and meeting is on WEDNESDAY. 

Save me.


So, anyone got any good ideas? Anyone want to make the choice for me, because I just don’t know what to do.


Like I keep saying-getting into Kindergarten should NOT be this hard. It really shouldn’t.


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