Special Needs and Kindergarten, take 5.3

June 3, 2009 at 8:09 am Leave a comment

Here we go again…round and round and round and round…

So, I get a hold of the notoriously hard to get a hold of School Psychologist, Dr. C, and  it was on the first try! I was actually impressed! They are giving us what we want-regular kindergarten, a shared aide, a 45 minute resource period and almost all therapies outside of academic time, save for one push in group session.

Ok, I can live with a push in group session. It’s really not taking him OUT of the classroom and he’ll be a ton more compliant with that.

We’re now fighting the morning versus afternoon kindergarten session, because the school district here in E. Nowhere has half day kindergarten, even though we’re considered a “premier district.” Yeah, right. Without full day Kindergarten, that’s so far from the truth! 

Today is the big kindergarten transition meeting. I’m really kind of wacked out about the whole thing. Not sleeping, sick feeling, dying for some serious bagels…but after today, this should be over relatively quickly. We should know what we’re doing and what we want out of everything. I am going to try and nail them down for morning vs afternoon so I can fight for morning, as Isaac works so much better early in the morning. 


Now, we have to nail down the wrap program for Isaac-I’m really kind of torn-there are two decent programs, equally priced and I just have to see what we’re going to go with for him for after-k.

I think I’ll feel better after the meeting today…or I hope I will. I just need all of this kindergarten drama to go away. Seriously go away. I want my end of the year life back, which boils down to grading, trying to tie up loose ends and working on all sorts of end of the year projects. Bah. 

So, hopefully this will be the end of it, even though I’m going in loaded for battle.


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