Can I please parent my OWN child?

June 28, 2009 at 6:56 am Leave a comment

Today, I took Isaac to a local farmer’s market-one that has a playground right next to it. As I was finishing my last transaction, knowing I’d be over in 3o seconds, I allowed him to zip over to the playground, where I could see him the ENTIRE time. He was in my line of sight and I was on my way over.

As Isaac is prone to do, he fell over another child-he refused to wear his AFOs this morning. I was not going to fight with him on that.

I had no less than 4 parents asking me if this was my child, and basically condemning me that I wasn’t within arm’s reach. For cripe’s sake-I saw the whole thing, he was fine, I was paying for some eggs-it was all of 30 seconds. I had to explain myself to these parents and I ended up getting a lecture on how I should NEVER leave my child alone.

Umm, really? I know when I was 5, I spent more time running from my parents down at the local park. As long as I was in eyesight, I was fine. My parents never got lectures from other parents who thought they knew better and how I functioned. I’m sick of the hyper vigilant society that we live in thinking that we all know best how to parent another person’s child.

When will others learn that only the parent knows what is right for their child? Telling someone how to parent is like telling the weather to change on a dime. It just doesn’t work.


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