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Where I roll my eyes and attempt to move on

This week, we’ve been attending our local Vacation Bible School (VBS) where Isaac has been having the time of his life. He’s thrilled to be in the big kid group and rotating to different activities, and he’s been thrilled to be chosen for song helper and game contestant! The only downswing is that, as in every group, you get the kids who are ill behaved and then you get the adults who think they know more than anyone else.

The main thing that’s making me roll my eyes is one particular kid. He has always had the worst behavior of any child at the VBS and is consistently out of control. He runs away from his group, just wanders into the kitchen and tries to take adult food, throws the largest temper tantrums that I’ve seen on a kid in a long time and then refuses to participate. The other night, he spent a good portion of arts and crafts time under a chair, refusing to come out, because after he picked a fight, the other kiddle fought back, and he was all “Oh, poor me.” Then, last night, he started something with the kiddle next to him in arts and crafts and then tried to blame HER for starting it, when two of us saw it.

Here’s the issue-a lot of people tap dance and walk on eggshells around this kid and he is allowed to run around unchecked until it gets so bad that it makes people miserable. His mom seems to think it’s everyone else’s fault but her child’s…and refuses to do anything about it.

It really bothers me that people call this child special needs. No, he’s just ill behaved. There is a big difference. There are kids who are special needs at this VBS-and he’s just  not one of them. People need to stop confusing bad behavior with special needs.

I’m rolling my eyes and attempting to move on.


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The backpack saga

As if this kindergarten experience hasn’t been irritating enough, we’ve had to endure The Great Backpack Fiasco of 2009.

The one thing we were sure of this year was that we were going to get Isaac a new backpack for Kindergarten. It wasn’t an option. He’s had the same LL Bean backpack since 2 year old program! It’s this amazing pawprint camo, and is showing hardly any sign of wear…but this is kindergarten. Plus, he’s asked for a RED backpack.

Mom had this extra 10.00 bonus gift card from LL Bean, and wasn’t going to use it, so, she passed it our way. Hey-it made the backpack effectively half price! I can get behind that! We ordered it at the end of May, before all of the lists came out, because a backpack is a backpack and we frankly didn’t want to lose the coupon.

Based on a few reccomendations, we ordered the Junior pack, thinking that it woul make it through the first two years of public school. Plus, Isaac’s a peewee. He may be strong, but he’s pretty slight. We figured, based on both of our backpacking expertise, that this wouldn’t be overloaded and he wouldn’t go over.

Then the LIST came home. The  list that has been giving me nightmares. Stupid Crayola glue sticks anyone? But this isn’t about the stupid Crayola glue sticks..this is about the backpack.

The LIST stated that it had to be a “large” backpack. Yes, a large backpack. So, I get on the phone with the school and find out that the backpack that we’ve purchased IS NOT LARGE ENOUGH! Lord love a duck. First the stupid glue sticks and now this? Argh.

So, I call LL bean and tell the tale of the too-small backpack. I get told to bring it in, and they’ll swap it out for the next size up. I’ll just have to pay the difference. No biggie. Easy…or so I thought.

The first time I went, they didn’t have all of their packs in stock, and the size that I needed wasn’t there. I was told that the rest of the shipment would be in by the 21st, and the size I needed would most likely be in at that point. Ok. Fine. No biggie. I can get behind that.

So, on the 22nd,  I call the store to make sure that they have the proper pack in stock. I’m not running down there for no good reason, because we’re on the way to speech, and it was just supposed to be a fast pit stop. I get told that they have what I’m looking for, which was an original backpack in red. Just plain red. No camo, no sports patch. Just red.

I bring Isaac in with me, and start the search for the backpack. I find where they’ve got all of the packs, and I don’t see the original. I see the deluxe and the original plus, as well as rolling ones, critters and sport packs…and the dreaded junior pack.  NO originals. None.

So, I flag an associate down to help me-I ask her to point me in the right direction of the original book packs, and she gets on the radio asking for a JUNIOR pack., that’s not what I wanted. I made that clear-I told her-I wanted an ORIGINAL pack, not a junior.

This is where I start beginning to smoke at the ears and see stars.

So, she gets the person who I talked to on the phone and that person starts in on me about how she didn’t know I wanted a JUNIOR pack-I cut her off, and told her I didn’t want a junior pack-I just wanted an original. Not a deluxe, not a super sport not a messenger bag, but an original. It’s just a small step up from the junior, and I wanted it in red for the small boy who was getting more and more antsy by the second.

She begins to go on this insane tirade about how I’m going to overload his backpack and ruin his bones, and how she would not even think of selling me a bigger backpack than the one I had in my hand. We went back and forth and back and forth and finally, we had to leave or Isaac would have been late for speech. I still had the dreaded junior pack and was just two tons of more confused than I walked in.

I let the junior pack sit in my car for the rest of the week. I couldn’t take another run in with LL Bean people who were trying to make me keep what I had in my hand that I knew wouldn’t fit the bill.

So, today, after our latest adventure with Lowe’s Build and Grow, I convinced Doug to make the trek, once again, this time, for the FINAL time in this escapade to LL Bean. I made him come in with me for moral support and I just decided-I wasn’t going to go to the backpack area until I had successfully returned the backpack and had the credit from the gift cards in hand. That’s all I wanted….if I ordered or not, that was a different story-who knows…

We had Isaac with us, so he could make the final call regarding his backpack. For cripe’s sake, this is HIS. He needs to have the final word.

So, I walk up to the register and tell them that I had ordered this pack and it wouldn’t hold all of what Isaac needed for school, so I needed to upgrade it. I paid for it with a gift card, so a gift card was just fine for the refund.


Person at the register began to start the argument that this was the right sized pack, ect, ect. I told her I knew that, but, this wouldn’t hold everything we needed on a daily basis, and we just needed the original that was a step up from what we currently had. It wasn’t a big deal. So, I let her go through the motions of suggesting a critter pack and a sports pack, which I knew Isaac didn’t want. He just wanted a red backpack. Nothing fancy, just a red  backpack. I politely told her I would go peek at them, and she did my return.

I asked Isaac what he wanted- a critter pack (choice of shark or spider to match his lunch box..) and he said he wanted red.

I knew it. I don’t know why I even bothered asking…

So, I wandered over to the kiosk, and thank goodness, I didn’t need an employee to help me, as they’ve put a new function in that automatically does the freebie shipping thing.  I got the order done and then disaster hit…

The computer had my old addy in it! The one from when we first moved back here!
Oh, no, that backpack is NOT going near that old place! So, I had to grab an employee for damage control. They quickly picked up the phone and did that lovely damage control and changed the addy on the shipping thing so that it comes to my house now instead of the ghetto apartment.

The email confirmation said that it would be coming here…so, now we wait for the pack to show up and transfer the bag tag from his current pack and finally attach the dinosaur patch that he so wants on his red backpack.

I swear. I say this over and over and over again, but it’s so true-Kindergarten should NOT be this hard!

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Oh, cool!

I went to physical torture therapy today, and my darling PT decided to try something I’d never seen before. Now, I need to state for the record, I’m hard to show anything I haven’t seen before to. Between my escapades and Doug’s, I’ve pretty much seen it all. Cripes. I’ve seen Doug’s intestine. (Doug just wanted me to state for the record that he saw my uterus during my c-section and that we’re even in the “I’ve seen your abdominal parts” race…but I digress)

So, today, PT tells me that she’s going to laser me for the last 5 minutes of therapy.

Laser? Huh?

Yeah, LASER!

So, she says that it’s supposed to break down swelling using light beams.

I can get behind this. Seriously I can.
So, after I was done doing electrostim with ice, she grabs 2 things that look like portable speakers. She puts them against my ankle and holds them on with an ace wrap. It was the NEATEST thing-they started to glow red!

I sat there for 5 minutes, marveling the disgustingness of the popcorn topping in the one magazine (bacon and herb anyone? ICK!) and being astounded and amazed at the fact that I was hooked up to a laser to try and end the puffball that is my ankle!

So stinkin cool!

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So, since I did the whole fall thing a month ago (and no, I really can’t go into detail as to what happened there. After everything is said and done, I’ll be able to speak freely, but until that point, don’t even bother asking for the whole story, because I can’t give it to you.)my ankle has been the subject of my daily frustration. Seriously. It gets old fast. Hardcore fast.

I saw the doc for a follow up, and besides being allergic to the air cast-not kidding-my skin has decided that it doesn’t like a LOT of things-I”m not healing. I’m still swollen, I still have nicely reduced mobility in the area and it still freakin hurts.

I haven’t been able to game geek in a month. Yes, a month, and who knows…when I go back next week, if I can’t handle the no sitting thing, I may have to be pulled AGAIN.

I’m also in PT. Let’s discuss how these sessions are shaping up. My PT, saw how swollen I was yesterday and nearly had a panic attack. I think she measured again Thursday and it was 4 and change cm swollen vs only 3 on Monday. Either way you go, that’s a significant amount of swelling. Ick.

I just am so over this entire thing. It’s been so decent outside lately now that the monsoon has stopped that I want to get out, walk, play, do. BUT, not possible to the extent that I want to.

I’m just so done with this injury. I can’t say that enough. Just done, done done.

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Biting the bullet

For a long time, we’ve been pressured by the school that Isaac currently attends to have him tested for ADHD. They had done their own rating scales and spent countless hours trying to convince me that getting him looked at for this would be a good thing. I pretty much told them no-for a few reasons…

First off, Isaac had no language until age 2. His language delay could have been the reason for the impulsivity and lack of attention span. hey-when you can’t tell someone what you want, you just go do it-damn the consequences.

Second, since he had the language delay, there was a lack of maturity in his actions-plus, we had sensory stuff that needed to be addressed. I wanted some time for him to grow, gain skills and see if some easy educational supports would correct the issue. Sometimes, that’s the case. I’ve seen it happen-just a few more minutes to process, a more distraction free place can work wonders for a kid.

So, I pushed them to do those things, which once they finally heard me out, they agreed to. (Wondering if the school district will ever get to this point…but I digress)

Finally, after a few key incidents this year, I decided it was high time that I had this looked into. We got the referral from the primary care doc (not without some other issues…but we won’t go there) and made the call to the office to get an appointment. That was a fiasco in itself, what with sending a 50 page fax to bypass the screening that they make all ADHD candidates go through so they can determine that it’s something they can handle, the idiot registration person (“My name is Paige. P-A-I-G-E , and I don’t care if you talk to my supervisor, because I’m not going to get in any sort of trouble.”), and then having people at the school district tell me that the date for the appointment was too far away, and to  move it up. Umm…I got the appointment (with one of the only games in town) for 5 weeks from the time I called. In my opinion, that wasn’t bad, as the wait for this doc can be a LOT longer than that.

We got in, got the formal diagnosis we all wanted and came out with some meds, which my sister is twitching about. That’s just her pharmacist self…but I appreciate and love the fact that she does twitch about this stuff.

It’s hard to see your child on what basically amounts to an amphetamine to slow him down and make him focus. I feel like I’ve almost succumbed to the “hot” diagnosis of the 90’s-ADHD and tossed my child on that train.

I have to constantly remind myself that I bit the bullet and did this for the results we’re seeing-less of the fussing and fighting, less impulsivity, a longer focus time, which means more learning time.

It’s an interesting catch 22. you don’t want your child on meds, but sometimes they need it. It’s just a whirlwind of emotions and really sitting down and putting your “bad parent” feelings in check and allowing what’s best for the kiddle come through.

Am I comfortable with this whole thing? Not totally. It brings new surprises every single day. But, if biting the bullet in this respect makes a difference for Isaac and allows him to learn and grow more than he would have without it, I’ll do it.

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A sign of the Apocalypse

Since I never saw the goals for Isaac’s IEP until it showed up in my mailbox about 3 weeks later, we had to have a few goals removed, added and changed. I was NOT going to round up a CSE/CPSE committee to do this-and the director of Special Ed said we could do it by agreement-meaning ONE FORM! I’m all for one form. I got the form, signed it, sent it back and on Friday a copy of the updated IEP and a letter appeared in my mailbox.

The letter said this:

August 24, 2009 (yes, that was the date written on the top of the letter..)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. F,

Regulations require that you be notified when the Board Of Education has reviewed the proposed changes to your child’s IEP.

On July 10, 2009, the district received your consent to the proposed amendments to the IEP without the necessity of a Committee on Preschool Special Education meeting. On behalf of the Board of Education, I am writing to inform you that the Board has formally met on August 24, 2009, and supported the proposed amendments on the IEP which you have already received.

Previously you have received a Procedural Safeguards Notice that explains your rights regarding the special education process, but if you need an additional copy, please contact our office.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please do not hesitate to contact our office.


CSE/CPE chair

well, now…notice that this is all sorts of a letter from the FUTURE! If the board HAS MET in August, then am I still in July?

I swear, this is a sign of the apocalypse. Letters from the school district from over a month away.  I think I’ll be putting that on my list of calls to make on Monday. There is a VERY large list of those, but this will be RIGHT up there!

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Defeating the purpose

Yesterday, we went to GE kids day downtown-a free event where they had music, ect. I’ll blog about the whole day later…

One of the things they were doing there was making Safe Child ID cards-the kind if your kid ever goes missing, it’s got their photo, stats, ect. All sorts of personal information, including fingerprints are on this card.

Well, we’re waiting for the big musical act to begin and I notice a child, with a Radio Disney lanyard on. The plastic pouch at the end of it has their SAFE CHILD ID card in it, and he’s bouncing around, dancing.

Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of having one of these cards? really? Put it around your child’s neck so everyone knows your child’s name and vital information in a large crowd. Really.

that so defeats the purpose of this thing. Seriously.

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